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Cognitive RoboticsAngelo Cangelosi, Minoru AsadaBook2022-05-17
NeurolinguisticsGiosuè BaggioBook2022-05-10
Syntax in the TreetopsShigeru MiyagawaBook2022-05-03
Secrets of WordsNoam Chomsky, Andrea MoroBook2022-05-03
Movement MattersSheila L. Macrine, Jennifer M.B. FugateBook2022-04-19
Active InferenceThomas Parr, Giovanni Pezzulo, Karl J. FristonBook2022-03-29
Embodying DesignChristopher BaberBook2022-03-22
Secret Life of LiteratureLisa ZunshineBook2022-03-15
WonderFrank C. KeilBook2022-03-01
Quotations as PicturesJosef SternBook2022-02-15
Prosodic Theory and PracticeJonathan Barnes, Stefanie Shattuck-HufnagelBook2022-02-08
Reason and LessVinod GoelBook2022-02-08
Beyond Heaven and EarthGabriel LevyBook2022-02-01
Out of TouchMichelle DrouinBook2022-02-01
Bots and BeastsPaul ThagardBook2021-10-19
A Selectional Theory of Adjunct ControlIdan LandauBook2021-10-19
From Signal to SymbolRonald J. Planer, Kim SterelnyBook2021-10-12
Born KnowingGiorgio Vallortigara, Claudia LosiBook2021-09-28
Bias That Divides UsKeith E. StanovichBook2021-08-31
Out of the CaveMark L. Johnson, Don M. TuckerBook2021-08-17
Working MindJuan Pascual-Leone, Janice M. JohnsonBook2021-04-13
Variability and Consistency in Early Language LearningMichael C. Frank, Mika Braginsky, Daniel Yurovsky, Virginia A. MarchmanBook2021-03-16
Nature of Truth, 2nd EditionMichael P. Lynch, Jeremy Wyatt, Junyeol Kim, Nathan KellenBook2021-03-16
Cognitive Choice ModelingZheng Joyce Wang, Jerome R. BusemeyerBook2021-03-09
Linguistics for the Age of AIMarjorie McShane, Sergei NirenburgBook2021-03-02
Deliberate IgnoranceRalph Hertwig, Christoph EngelBook2021-03-02
Defining Mental DisorderHarold Kincaid, Peter Zachar, Dominic Murphy, Justin Garson, Philip Gerrans, Rachel Cooper, Steeves Demazeux, Leen De Vreese, Maël Lemoine, Tim Thornton, Andreas De Block, Jonathan Sholl, Jerome Wakefield, Luc Faucher, Denis ForestBook2021-02-16
Classification in the WildKonstantinos V. Katsikopoulos, Özgür Şimşek, Marcus Buckmann, Gerd GigerenzerBook2021-02-02
Memory as PredictionTomaso Vecchi, Daniele GattiBook2020-11-24
Algorithms Are Not EnoughHerbert L. RoitblatBook2020-10-13
Mind, TheE. Bruce GoldsteinBook2020-09-01
Born to ParseDavid LightfootBook2020-08-25
Social Brain, TheJean DecetyBook2020-08-18
Natural Method, TheEddy Nahmias, Thomas Polger, Wenqing ZhaoBook2020-08-04
Who You AreMichael J. SpiveyBook2020-04-29
AI EthicsMark CoeckelberghBook2020-04-08
Our Moral FateAllen BuchananBook2020-03-25
fMRIPeter A. BandettiniBook2020-02-26
The Cognitive Neurosciences, 6th EditionDavid Poeppel, George R. Mangun, George R. Mangun, Michael S. GazzanigaReference Work2020
Extraterrestrial LanguagesDaniel OberhausBook2019-09-27
Neocortex, TheWolf Singer, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Pasko RakicBook2019-09-27
Feeling of Life ItselfChristof KochBook2019-09-25
Human LanguagePeter HagoortBook2019-09-20
Statistical Analysis of fMRI DataF. Gregory AshbyBook2019-09-17
Promise of Artificial Intelligence, TheBrian Cantwell SmithBook2019-09-13
Interactive Task LearningKevin A. Gluck, John E. LairdBook2019-09-10
Changing MindsRoger Kreuz, Richard RobertsBook2019-09-06
Scaffolded MindsSomogy VargaBook2019-08-02
Kinds Come FirstJerome KaganBook2019-08-02
Taming UncertaintyRalph Hertwig, Timothy J. Pleskac, Thorsten PachurBook2019-07-19