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STICK: Spike Time Interval Computational Kernel, a Framework for General Purpose... [NECO 27:11]Xavier Lagorce, Ryad BenosmanArticle
Sensitivity to Referential Ambiguity in Discourse: The Role of Attention, Workin... [JOCN 27:12]Megan A. Boudewyn, Debra L. Long, Matthew J. Traxler, Tyler A. Lesh, Shruti Dave, George R. Mangun, George R. Mangun, Cameron S. Carter, Tamara Y. SwaabArticle
Task-positive Functional Connectivity of the Default Mode Network Transcends Tas... [JOCN 27:12]Amanda Elton, Wei GaoArticle
The Neural Bases of the Semantic Interference of Spatial Frequency-based Informa... [JOCN 27:12]Louise Kauffmann, Jessica Bourgin, Nathalie Guyader, Carole PeyrinArticle
Musical Meter Modulates the Allocation of Attention across Time [JOCN 27:12]Ahren B. Fitzroy, Lisa D. SandersArticle
Oscillations or Synchrony? Disruption of Neural Synchrony despite Enhanced Gamma... [JOCN 27:12]João Castelhano, Inês Bernardino, José Rebola, Eugenio Rodriguez, Miguel Castelo-BrancoArticle
Steady-state BOLD Response to Higher-order Cognition Modulates Low-Frequency Neu... [JOCN 27:12]Yi-Feng Wang, Gang-Shu Dai, Feng Liu, Zhi-Liang Long, Jin H. Yang, Hua-Fu ChenArticle
Electrophysiological and Kinematic Correlates of Communicative Intent in the Pla... [JOCN 27:12]David Peeters, Mingyuan Chu, Judith Holler, Peter Hagoort, Asli ÖzyürekArticle
Competition between Mutually Exclusive Object States in Event Comprehension [JOCN 27:12]Sarah H. Solomon, Nicholas C. Hindy, Gerry T. M. Altmann, Sharon L. Thompson-SchillArticle
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over Left Dorsolateral pFC on... [JOCN 27:12]Raquel E. London, Heleen A. SlagterArticle
The Basis for Language Acquisition: Congenitally Deaf Infants Discriminate Vowel... [JOCN 27:12]Niki Katerina Vavatzanidis, Dirk Mürbe, Angela Friederici, Anja HahneArticle
Prefrontal Engagement and Reduced Default Network Suppression Co-occur and Are D... [JOCN 27:12]Gary R. Turner, R. Nathan SprengArticle
Neural Correlates of Visual Short-term Memory Dissociate between Fragile and Wor... [JOCN 27:12]Annelinde R. E. Vandenbroucke, Ilja G. Sligte, Jade G. de Vries, Michael X. Cohen, Victor A. F. LammeArticle
Common Dorsal Stream Substrates for the Mapping of Surface Texture to Object Par... [JOCN 27:12]Valentinos Zachariou, Christine V. Nikas, Zaid N. Safiullah, Marlene Behrmann, Roberta Klatzky, Leslie G. UngerleiderArticle
Shared and Distinct Neuroanatomic Regions Critical for Tool-related Action Produ... [JOCN 27:12]Leyla Y. Tarhan, Christine E. Watson, Laurel J. BuxbaumArticle
Early Psychosocial Neglect Adversely Impacts Developmental Trajectories of Brain... [JOCN 27:12]Catherine Stamoulis, Ross E. Vanderwert, Charles H. Zeanah, Nathan A. Fox, Charles A. NelsonArticle
Retrieval Goal Modulates Memory for Context [JOCN 27:12]Rachael L. Elward, Michael D. RuggArticle
Multi-crease Self-folding by Global Heating [ARTL 21:4]Shuhei Miyashita, Cagdas D. Onal, Daniela RusArticle
The Search for Candidate Relevant Subsets of Variables in Complex Systems [ARTL 21:4]M. Villani, A. Roli, A. Filisetti, M. Fiorucci, I. Poli, R. SerraArticle
Indirectly Encoding Running and Jumping Sodarace Creatures for Artificial Life [ARTL 21:4]Paul Szerlip, Kenneth O. StanleyArticle
Lessons from Speciation Dynamics: How to Generate Selective Pressure Towards Div... [ARTL 21:4]Heiko HamannArticle
Experiments on and Numerical Modeling of the Capture and Concentration of Transc... [ARTL 21:4]Fabio Mavelli, Pasquale StanoArticle
Cell-Division Behavior in a Heterogeneous Swarm Environment [ARTL 21:4]Adam Erskine, J. Michael HerrmannArticle
Advances in Artificial Life: Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems: Editori... [ARTL 21:4]Pietro Lio, Orazio Miglino, Giuseppe Nicosia, Stefano Nolfi, Mario PavoneArticle
Reviewers of Volume 21 [ARTL 21:4]Article
Periodic Forcing of Inhibition-Stabilized Networks: Nonlinear Resonances and Pha... [NECO 27:12]Romain Veltz, Terrence J. SejnowskiArticle
Symbolic Computation Using Cellular Automata-Based Hyperdimensional Computing [NECO 27:12]Ozgur YilmazArticle
A Sparse Reformulation of the Green’s Function Formalism Allows Efficient Simula... [NECO 27:12]Willem A. M.Wybo, Daniele Boccalini, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen, Marc-Oliver GewaltigArticle
Positive Neural Networks in Discrete Time Implement Monotone-Regular Behaviors [NECO 27:12]Tom J. Ameloot, Jan Van den BusscheArticle
Learning Spatiotemporally Encoded Pattern Transformations in Structured Spiking ... [NECO 27:12]Brian Gardner, Ioana Sporea, André GrüningArticle
Rhythmic Inhibition Allows Neural Networks to Search for Maximally Consistent St... [NECO 27:12]Hesham Mostafa, Lorenz K. Müller, Giacomo IndiveriArticle
Monitoring Different Phonological Parameters of Sign Language Engages the Same C... [JOCN 28:1]Velia Cardin, Eleni Orfanidou, Lena Kästner, Jerker Rönnberg, Bencie Woll, Cheryl M. Capek, Mary RudnerArticle
Syntax in Action Has Priority over Movement Selection in Piano Playing: An ERP S... [JOCN 28:1]Roberta Bianco, Giacomo Novembre, Peter E. Keller, Florian Scharf, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. Friederici, Arno Villringer, Daniela SammlerArticle
Preference for Audiovisual Speech Congruency in Superior Temporal Cortex [JOCN 28:1]Claudia S. Lüttke, Matthias Ekman, Marcel A. J. van Gerven, Floris P. de LangeArticle
Communicative Signals Promote Object Recognition Memory and Modulate the Right P... [JOCN 28:1]Elizabeth Redcay, Ruth S. Ludlum, Kayla R. Velnoskey, Simren KanwalArticle
Development of Network Synchronization Predicts Language Abilities [JOCN 28:1]Sam M. Doesburg, Keriann Tingling, Matt J. MacDonald, Elizabeth W. PangArticle
The Role of Dopamine in Temporal Uncertainty [JOCN 28:1]Alessandro Tomassini, Diane Ruge, Joseph M. Galea, William Penny, Sven BestmannArticle
Decoding Episodic Retrieval Processes: Frontoparietal and Medial Temporal Lobe C... [JOCN 28:1]James E. Kragel, Sean M. PolynArticle
Neural Signatures of Controlled and Automatic Retrieval Processes in Memory-base... [JOCN 28:1]Patrick H. Khader, Thorsten Pachur, Lilian A. E. Weber, Kerstin JostArticle
Sustained Splits of Attention within versus across Visual Hemifields Produce Dis... [JOCN 28:1]Sabrina Walter, Christian Keitel, Matthias M. MüllerArticle
Motor System Interactions in the Beta Band Decrease during Loss of Consciousness [JOCN 28:1]Nicole C. Swann, Coralie de Hemptinne, Ryan B. Maher, Catherine A. Stapleton, Lingzhong Meng, Adrian W. Gelb, Philip A. StarrArticle
The Processing of Attended and Predicted Sounds in Time [JOCN 28:1]Tim Paris, Jeesun Kim, Chris DavisArticle
Prefrontal Goal Codes Emerge as Latent States in Probabilistic Value Learning [JOCN 28:1]Ivilin Stoianov, Aldo Genovesio, Giovanni PezzuloArticle
Asymmetric Processing of Numerical and Nonnumerical Magnitudes in the Brain: An ... [JOCN 28:1]Tali Leibovich, Stephan E. Vogel, Avishai Henik, Daniel AnsariArticle
The Role of the Frontal and Parietal Cortex in Proactive and Reactive Inhibitory... [JOCN 28:1]Ying Cai, Siyao Li, , Dawei Li, Zifang Feng, Qiang Wang, Chuansheng Chen, Gui XueArticle
Biased Competition during Long-term Memory Formation [JOCN 28:1]J. Benjamin Hutchinson, Sarah S. Pak, Nicholas B. Turk-BrowneArticle
On the Performance of Different Genetic Programming Approaches for the SORTING P... [EVCO 23:4]Markus Wagner, Frank Neumann, Tommaso UrliArticle
Design and Analysis of Schemes for Adapting Migration Intervals in Parallel Evol... [EVCO 23:4]Andrea Mambrini, Dirk SudholtArticle
Unbiased Black-Box Complexities of Jump Functions [EVCO 23:4], Carola Doerr, Timo KötzingArticle
Maximizing Submodular Functions under Matroid Constraints by Evolutionary Algori... [EVCO 23:4]Tobias Friedrich, Frank NeumannArticle