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R2 Indicator-Based Multiobjective Search [EVCO 23:3]Dimo Brockhoff, Tobias Wagner, Heike TrautmannArticle
Adaptive Parent Population Sizing in Evolution Strategies [EVCO 23:3]G. Jake LaPorte, Juergen Branke, Chun-Hung ChenArticle
odNEAT: An Algorithm for Decentralised Online Evolution of Robotic Controllers [EVCO 23:3]Fernando Silva, Paulo Urbano, Luís Correia, Anders Lyhne ChristensenArticle
Fast and Efficient Black Box Optimization Using the Parameter-less Population Py... [EVCO 23:3]B. W. Goldman, W. F. PunchArticle
Hybrid Evolutionary Approaches to Maximum Lifetime Routing and Energy Efficiency... [EVCO 23:3]Alma A. M. Rahat, Richard M. Everson, Jonathan E. FieldsendArticle
Extracting Low-Dimensional Latent Structure from Time Series in the Presence of ... [NECO 27:9]Karthik C. Lakshmanan, Patrick T. Sadtler, Elizabeth C. Tyler-Kabara, Aaron P. Batista, Byron M. YuArticle
Online Direct Density-Ratio Estimation Applied to Inlier-Based Outlier Detection [NECO 27:9]Marthinus Christoffel du Plessis, Hiroaki Shiino, Masashi SugiyamaArticle
Relations Among Some Low-Rank Subspace Recovery Models [NECO 27:9]Hongyang Zhang, Zhouchen Lin, Chao Zhang, Junbin GaoArticle
A Fast Algorithm for Learning Overcomplete Dictionary for Sparse Representation ... [NECO 27:9]Zhenni Li, Shuxue Ding, Yujie LiArticle
A Novel Reconstruction Framework for Time-Encoded Signals with Integrate-and-Fir... [NECO 27:9]Dorian Florescu, Daniel CocaArticle
Is First-Order Vector Autoregressive Model Optimal for fMRI Data? [NECO 27:9]Chee-Ming Ting, Abd-Krim Seghouane, Muhammad Usman, Sh-Hussain SallehArticle
Fusion of Scores in a Detection Context Based on Alpha Integration [NECO 27:9]Antonio Soriano, Luis Vergara, Bouziane Ahmed, Addisson SalazarArticle
Understanding Emergent Dynamics: Using a Collective Activity Coordinate of a Neu... [NECO 27:10]John J. HopfieldArticle
Visual Categorization with Random Projection [NECO 27:10]Rosa I. Arriaga, David Rutter, Maya Cakmak, Santosh S. VempalaArticle
Indefinite Proximity Learning: A Review [NECO 27:10]Frank-Michael Schleif, Peter TinoArticle
Recurrent Neural Network Approach Based on the Integral Representation of the Dr... [NECO 27:10]Predrag S. Stanimirović, Ivan S. Živković, Yimin WeiArticle
Accuracy and Efficiency in Fixed-Point Neural ODE Solvers [NECO 27:10]Michael Hopkins, Steve FurberArticle
A Simple Label Switching Algorithm for Semisupervised Structural SVMs [NECO 27:10]P. Balamurugan, Shirish Shevade, S. SundararajanArticle
Multiview Bayesian Correlated Component Analysis [NECO 27:10]Simon Kamronn, Andreas Trier Poulsen, Lars Kai HansenArticle
A Note on Entropy Estimation [NECO 27:10]Thomas SchürmannArticle
Linear Methods for Efficient and Fast Separation of Two Sources Recorded with a ... [NECO 27:10]Saurabh Bhargava, Florian Blättler, Sepp Kollmorgen, Shih-Chii Liu, Richard H. R. HahnloserArticle
Frequency-based Segregation of Syntactic and Semantic Unification during Online ... [JOCN 27:11]Marcel Bastiaansen, Peter HagoortArticle
Evidence of Change of Intention in Picking Situations [JOCN 27:11]Ariel Furstenberg, Assaf Breska, Haim Sompolinsky, Leon Y. DeouellArticle
Language Membership Identification Precedes Semantic Access: Suppression during ... [JOCN 27:11]Liv J. Hoversten, Trevor Brothers, Tamara Y. Swaab, Matthew J. TraxlerArticle
Preparatory Activity in Posterior Temporal Cortex Causally Contributes to Object... [JOCN 27:11]Reshanne R. Reeder, Francesca Perini, Marius V. PeelenArticle
Autobiographical Planning and the Brain: Activation and Its Modulation by Qualit... [JOCN 27:11]R. Nathan Spreng, Kathy D. Gerlach, Gary R. Turner, Daniel L. SchacterArticle
How Attention Changes in Response to Incentives [JOCN 27:11]Risa Sawaki, Steven J. Luck, Jane E. RaymondArticle
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Motor Cortex Biases Action Choice... [JOCN 27:11]Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Angeliki Beyko, Vincent Walsh, Ryota KanaiArticle
Attentional Capacity Limits Gap Detection during Concurrent Sound Segregation [JOCN 27:11]Ada W. S. Leung, Pierre Jolicoeur, Claude AlainArticle
Extrastriate Visual Areas Integrate Form Features over Space and Time to Constru... [JOCN 27:11]J. Daniel McCarthy, Peter J. Kohler, Peter U. Tse, Gideon Paul CaplovitzArticle
Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Enhances Post-error Slowing [JOCN 27:11]Roberta Sellaro, Jelle W. R. van Leusden, Klodiana-Daphne Tona, Bart Verkuil, Sander Nieuwenhuis, Lorenza S. ColzatoArticle
Activation Patterns throughout the Word Processing Network of L1-dominant Biling... [JOCN 27:11]Yulia Oganian, Markus Conrad, Arash Aryani, Katharina Spalek, Hauke R. HeekerenArticle
SMA Selectively Codes the Active Accumulation of Temporal, Not Spatial, Magnitud... [JOCN 27:11]Jennifer T. Coull, Pom Charras, Maxime Donadieu, Sylvie Droit-Volet, Franck VidalArticle
Visual Awareness Is Limited by the Representational Architecture of the Visual S... [JOCN 27:11]Michael A. Cohen, Ken Nakayama, Talia Konkle, Mirta Stantić, George A. AlvarezArticle
The Truth Before and After: Brain Potentials Reveal Automatic Activation of Even... [JOCN 27:11]Mante S. NieuwlandArticle
Rapid Attentional Selection of Non-native Stimuli despite Perceptual Narrowing [JOCN 27:11]Rachel Wu, Rebecca Nako, Jared Band, Jacquelyne Pizzuto, Yalda Ghoreishi, Gaia Scerif, Richard AslinArticle
Facial Action and Emotional Language: ERP Evidence that Blocking Facial Feedback... [JOCN 27:11]Joshua D. Davis, Piotr Winkielman, Seana CoulsonArticle
Semantic Relations between Visual Objects Can Be Unconsciously Processed but Not... [JOCN 27:11]Felix Ball, Fosco Bernasconi, Niko A. BuschArticle
Modular PIC [LING 46:4]Roberta D'Alessandro, Tobias ScheerArticle
How to Merge a Root [LING 46:4]Marijke De Belder, Jeroen van CraenenbroeckArticle
Parallel Computation in Word Formation [LING 46:4]Luis LópezArticle
P-Doubling in Split PPs and Information Structure [LING 46:4]Julie GoncharovArticle
Against Lexical Self-Reference [LING 46:4]Eric McCreadyArticle
Index to Volume 46 [LING 46:4]Article
In Support of the PHAVE Analysis of the Double Object Construction [LING 46:4]Heidi Harley, Hyun Kyoung JungArticle
Visual Decisions in the Presence of Measurement and Stimulus Correlations [NECO 27:11]Manisha Bhardwaj, Samuel Carroll, Wei Ji Ma, Krešimir JosićArticle
Hierarchical Error Representation: A Computational Model of Anterior Cingulate a... [NECO 27:11]William H. Alexander, Joshua W. BrownArticle
Bayesian Feature Selection with Strongly Regularizing Priors Maps to the Ising M... [NECO 27:11]Charles K. Fisher, Pankaj MehtaArticle
A Novel Parameter Estimation Method for Boltzmann Machines [NECO 27:11]Takashi TakenouchiArticle
Bandit-Based Task Assignment for Heterogeneous Crowdsourcing [NECO 27:11]Hao Zhang, Yao Ma, Masashi SugiyamaArticle