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“The Cooties Effect”: Amygdala Reactivity to Opposite- versus Same-sex Faces Dec... [JOCN 27:9]Eva H. Telzer, Jessica Flannery, Kathryn L. Humphreys, Bonnie Goff, Laurel Gabard-Durman, Dylan G. Gee, Nim TottenhamArticle
Rapid Context-based Identification of Target Sounds in an Auditory Scene [JOCN 27:9]Marissa L. Gamble, Marty G. WoldorffArticle
Early Visual Word Processing Is Flexible: Evidence from Spatiotemporal Brain Dyn... [JOCN 27:9]Yuanyuan Chen, Matthew H. Davis, Friedemann Pulvermüller, Olaf HaukArticle
Multivariate fMRI and Eye Tracking Reveal Differential Effects of Visual Interfe... [JOCN 27:9]Edward B. O'Neil, Hilary C. Watson, Sonya Dhillon, Nancy J. Lobaugh, Andy C. H. LeeArticle
Brain Circuit for Cognitive Control Is Shared by Task and Language Switching [JOCN 27:9]Wouter De Baene, Wouter Duyck, Marcel Brass, Manuel CarreirasArticle
The Past Tense Debate Revisited: Electrophysiological Evidence for Subregulariti... [JOCN 27:9]Stefanie Regel, Andreas Opitz, Gereon Müller, Angela D. Friederici, Angela D. FriedericiArticle
Stable Task Representations under Attentional Load Revealed with Multivariate Pa... [JOCN 27:9]Jason L. Chan, Aaron Kucyi, Joseph F. X. DeSouzaArticle
Increased Stimulus Expectancy Triggers Low-frequency Phase Reset during Restrict... [JOCN 27:9]Sanne ten Oever, Nienke van Atteveldt, Alexander T. SackArticle
Rich Club Organization and Cognitive Performance in Healthy Older Participants [JOCN 27:9]Hugo C. Baggio, Barbara Segura, Carme Junque, Marcel A. de Reus, Roser Sala-Llonch, Martijn P. van den HeuvelArticle
Electrophysiological Correlates of Refreshing: Event-related Potentials Associat... [JOCN 27:9]Matthew R. Johnson, Gregory McCarthy, Kathleen A. Muller, Samuel N. Brudner, Marcia K. JohnsonArticle
As Working Memory Grows: A Developmental Account of Neural Bases of Working Memo... [JOCN 27:9]Maria Kharitonova, Warren Winter, Margaret A. SheridanArticle
Functional Connectivity under Anticipation of Shock: Correlates of Trait Anxious... [JOCN 27:9]Janine Bijsterbosch, Stephen Smith, Sonia J. BishopArticle
A Neural Decomposition of Visual Search Using Voxel-based Morphometry [JOCN 27:9]Glyn W. Humphreys, Magdalena ChechlaczArticle
A Common Polymorphism in SCN2A Predicts General Cognitive Ability through Effect... [JOCN 27:9]Matthew A. Scult, Joey W. Trampush, Fengyu Zheng, Emily Drabant Conley, Todd Lencz, Anil K. Malhotra, Dwight Dickinson, Daniel R. Weinberger, Ahmad R. HaririArticle
Emergence, Agency, and Interaction—Notes from the Field [ARTL 21:3]Simon PennyArticle
The Life of the Mimetic Starfish, 2000–2012 [ARTL 21:3]Richard BrownArticle
You Pretty Little Flocker: Exploring the Aesthetic State Space of Creative Ecosy... [ARTL 21:3]Alice EldridgeArticle
Ant- and Ant-Colony-Inspired ALife Visual Art [ARTL 21:3]Gary Greenfield, Penousal MachadoArticle
Accretor : Generative Materiality in the Work of Driessens and Verstappen [ARTL 21:3]Mitchell WhitelawArticle
Living Poetry [ARTL 21:3]Christa Sommerer, Laurent MignonneauArticle
On Writing and Reading Artistic Computational Ecosystems [ARTL 21:3]Rui Filipe Antunes, Frederic Fol Leymarie, William LathamArticle
Performative Apparatus and Diffractive Practices: An Account of Artificial Life ... [ARTL 21:3]Jane Prophet, Helen PritchardArticle
Theater and ALife Art: Modeling Open and Closed Systems [ARTL 21:3]Sally Jane NormanArticle
Creativity and ALife [ARTL 21:3]Margaret A. BodenArticle
Computational Social Creativity [ARTL 21:3]Rob Saunders, Oliver BrownArticle
Studying Collective Human Decision Making and Creativity with Evolutionary Compu... [ARTL 21:3]Hiroki Sayama, Shelley D. DionneArticle
Artificial Life Art, Creativity, and Techno-hybridization (editor's introduction... [ARTL 21:3]Alan DorinArticle
Lexical Preactivation in Basic Linguistic Phrases [JOCN 27:10]Joseph Fruchter, Tal Linzen, Masha Westerlund, Alec MarantzArticle
Flexible Coding of Task Rules in Frontoparietal Cortex: An Adaptive System for F... [JOCN 27:10]Alexandra Woolgar, Soheil Afshar, Mark A. Williams, Anina N. RichArticle
Choosing to Stop: Responses Evoked by Externally Triggered and Internally Genera... [JOCN 27:10]Jim Parkinson, Patrick HaggardArticle
Early and Late Electrophysiological Effects of Distractor Frequency in Picture N... [JOCN 27:10]Stephanie K. Riès, Douglas Fraser, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. de ZubicarayArticle
Visual Causality Judgments Correlate with the Phase of Alpha Oscillations [JOCN 27:10]Andre Mascioli Cravo, Karin Moreira Santos, Marcelo Bussotti Reyes, Marcelo Salvador Caetano, Peter M. E. ClaessensArticle
Transferability of Training Benefits Differs across Neural Events: Evidence from... [JOCN 27:10]Kelly G. Garner, Natasha Matthews, Roger W. Remington, Paul E. DuxArticle
A Model of Emergent Category-specific Activation in the Posterior Fusiform Gyrus... [JOCN 27:10]Lang Chen, Timothy T. RogersArticle
Experience-based Auditory Predictions Modulate Brain Activity to Silence as Do R... [JOCN 27:10]Leila Chouiter, Athina Tzovara, Sebastian Dieguez, Jean-Marie Annoni, David Magezi, Marzia De Lucia, Lucas SpiererArticle
Medial Prefrontal Cortex: Adding Value to Imagined Scenarios [JOCN 27:10]Wen-Jing Lin, Aidan J. Horner, Aidan J. Horner, James A. Bisby, Neil BurgessArticle
Frontoparietal and Cingulo-opercular Networks Play Dissociable Roles in Control ... [JOCN 27:10]George Wallis, Mark Stokes, Helena Cousijn, Mark Woolrich, Anna Christina NobreArticle
Distributed Patterns of Reactivation Predict Vividness of Recollection [JOCN 27:10]Marie St-Laurent, Hervé Abdi, Bradley R. BuchsbaumArticle
Dopamine and Consolidation of Episodic Memory: Timing Is Everything [JOCN 27:10]John Grogan, Rafal Bogacz, Demitra Tsivos, Alan Whone, Elizabeth CoulthardArticle
Congruent and Incongruent Corticospinal Activations at the Level of Multiple Eff... [JOCN 27:10]Luisa Sartori, Sonia Betti, Chiara Perrone, Umberto CastielloArticle
Inferences of Others' Competence Reduces Anticipation of Pain When under Threat [JOCN 27:10]Ellen Tedeschi, Jochen Weber, Charlotte Prévost, Walter Mischel, Dean MobbsArticle
Premotor Cortex Activation Elicited during Word Comprehension Relies on Access o... [JOCN 27:10]Nan Lin, Xiaoying Wang, Ying Zhao, Yanping Liu, Xingshan Li, Yanchao BiArticle
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Verbal Working Memory Training ... [JOCN 26:11]Lauren L. Richmond, David Wolk, Jason Chein, Ingrid R. Olson, Ingrid R. OlsonArticle
Large Linguistic Corpus Reduction with SCP Algorithms [COLI 41:3]Nelly Barbot, Olivier Boëffard, Jonathan Chevelu, Arnaud DelhayArticle
CODRA: A Novel Discriminative Framework for Rhetorical Analysis [COLI 41:3]Shafiq Joty, Giuseppe Carenini, Raymond T. NgArticle
The Unified and Holistic Method Gamma (γ) for Inter-Annotator Agreement Measure ... [COLI 41:3]Yann Mathet, Antoine Widlöcher, Jean-Philippe MétivierArticle
Computational Constancy Measures of Texts—Yule's K and Rényi's Entropy [COLI 41:3]Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii, Shunsuke AiharaArticle
Discriminative Syntax-Based Word Ordering for Text Generation [COLI 41:3]Yue Zhang, Stephen ClarkArticle
Evaluation Methods for Statistically Dependent Text [COLI 41:3]Sarvnaz Karimi, Jie Yin, Jiri BaumArticle
On Using Surrogates with Genetic Programming [EVCO 23:3]Torsten Hildebrandt, Jürgen BrankeArticle