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Words, Thoughts, and TheoriesAlison Gopnik, Andrew N. MeltzoffBook1998-07-31
Unity of the Self, TheStephen WhiteBook1991-10-30
Slim Book about Narrow Content, AGabriel M.A. SegalBook2000-06-12
Situating SemanticsMichael O'Rourke, Corey WashingtonBook2007-09-30
Shape of Actions, TheHarry M. Collins, Martin KuschBook1999-01-22
Rhyme and ReasonJuan UriagerekaBook1998-10-23
Representation and RealityHilary PutnamBook1991-08-28
Reconstructing the Cognitive WorldMichael WheelerBook2007-05-17
Realistic RationalismJerrold J. KatzBook1997-12-05
Real Natures and Familiar ObjectsCrawford L. ElderBook2005-09-01
Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive ScienceAlvin I. GoldmanBook1993-11-19
Psychology of Proof, TheLance J. RipsBook1994-03-08
Psychiatry in the Scientific ImageDominic MurphyBook2006-07-07
Perception, Cognition, and LanguageBarbara Landau, John Sabini, John Jonides, Elissa L. NewportBook2000-07-24
Origins of Music, TheNils L. Walin, Björn Merker, Steven BrownBook2001-09-01
Norms of NaturePaul Sheldon DaviesBook2003-03-01
Neurocomputational Perspective, APaul M. ChurchlandBook1992-04-22
Neither Brain nor GhostW. Teed RockwellBook2007-03-30
Musical Representation, TheCharles O. NussbaumBook2007-12-31
Methods of Theoretical PsychologyAndré KuklaBook2001-06-18
Metaphor in ContextJosef SternBook2000-11-13
Language, Thought, and Other Biological CategoriesRuth Garrett MillikanBook1984-04-13
In Critical ConditionJerry A. FodorBook2000-01-27
How Children Learn the Meanings of WordsPaul BloomBook2002-03-07
Graphical Models for Machine Learning and Digital CommunicationBrendan J. FreyBook1998-06-26
FolkbiologyDouglas L. Medin, Scott AtranBook1999-06-11
Extended Mind, TheRichard MenaryBook2010-06-18
Consciousness, Function, and RepresentationNed BlockBook2007-07-23
Concepts, Kinds, and Cognitive DevelopmentFrank C. KeilBook1992-01-30
Causation, Prediction, and SearchPeter Spirtes, Clark Glymour, Richard ScheinesBook2001-01-08
Catching Ourselves in the ActHorst Hendriks-JansenBook1996-06-06
Carving Nature at Its JointsJoseph Keim Campbell, Michael O'Rourke, Matthew H. SlaterBook2011-10-28
Artificial Life IVRodney A. Brooks, Pattie MaesBook1994-09-13
Acquisition of the Lexicon, TheLila Gleitman, Barbara LandauBook1994-10-13