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MindshapingTadeusz Wiesław ZawidzkiBook2013-06-14
Language, Music, and the BrainMichael A. ArbibBook2013-07-26
Feeling BeautyG. Gabrielle StarrBook2013-08-23
Learnability and Cognition, New EditionSteven PinkerBook2013-08-31
Storytelling and the Sciences of MindDavid HermanBook2013-09-06
Cultural EvolutionPeter J. Richerson, Morten H. ChristiansenBook2013-11-22
Geometry of Meaning, ThePeter GärdenforsBook2014-02-28
Children with Specific Language Impairment, Second EditionLaurence B. LeonardBook2014-06-30
Late-Talking Children: A Symptom or a Stage?Stephen M. CamarataBook2014-09-26
Two-Tiered Theory of Control, AIdan LandauBook2015-05-01
Conceptual Mind, TheEric Margolis, Stephen LaurenceBook2015-06-22
Becoming FluentRichard Roberts, Roger KreuzBook2015-08-07
Against FactsArianna BettiBook2015-08-28
Productivity and Reuse in LanguageTimothy J. O'DonnellBook2015-08-28
Structures in the MindIda Toivonen, Piroska Csúri, Emile Van Der ZeeBook2015-10-23
Dolphin Communication and CognitionDenise Herzing, Christine M. JohnsonBook2015-10-30
Why Only UsRobert C. Berwick, Noam ChomskyBook2016-03-01
Creating LanguageMorten H. Christiansen, Nick ChaterBook2016-04-29
AndBarry ScheinBook2017-07-14
Philosophical ProvocationsColin McGinnBook2017-08-11
Getting ThroughRoger Kreuz, Richard RobertsBook2017-08-25
Brief History of the Verb To Be, AAndrea MoroBook2018-01-05
Translating HappinessTim LomasBook2018-03-30
Changing MindsRoger Kreuz, Richard RobertsBook2019-09-06
Extraterrestrial LanguagesDaniel OberhausBook2019-09-27
Born to ParseDavid LightfootBook2020-08-25
Variability and Consistency in Early Language LearningMichael C. Frank, Mika Braginsky, Daniel Yurovsky, Virginia A. MarchmanBook2021-03-16
A Selectional Theory of Adjunct ControlIdan LandauBook2021-10-19