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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

June 2014, Vol. 26, No. 6, Pages 1328-1329
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Travels with Charlie: Part II
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My travels with Charlie began a half-century ago

In Building E10 where all was aglow.

Our department was new and full of great promise

Thanks to Luke Teuber's dream of a grand synthesis.

He housed strange bedfellows under a single roof:

Fodor, Nauta, and Held—this wasn't a spoof.

Charlie was buddies with Peter and Steve;

These “three musketeers,” great science conceived.

In the mid-60s, Charlie moved down Mem Drive;

Greener pastures at Harvard ensured he would thrive.

In 1970, Charlie packed up his whole crew

For a professorship at Princeton, which was long overdue.

He set up his lab and pursued his grand dream

To uncover the wonders of the ventral stream.

In '75 Charlie wanted to take some time off,

So he came back to us as a visiting prof.

I remember one classic winter day

When Charlie and family came to Concord to play.

We went sledding on a hill at the end of our street;

For my kids, they brought a fine sweater petite.

As time marched forward, I saw Charlie each June

In Europe, at the famous INS beach commune.

He often enticed his friends to play hooky

To see villages and islands replete with rich history.

In '93 the club met in Collioure, France

Where fresh anchovies were not an extravagance.

Our excursion took us to the Mediterranean Sea

So Charlie and others could frolic with glee.

In '96, Santorini was our destination;

Its volcanic caldera was beyond imagination.

Charlie got out his camera and captured the magic

In the photo, shown here—it's simply fantastic!

Charlie and I oft crossed paths at SfN

Like the time he appeared in the Grenoble garden.

It was early morning—he was reading the Times,

Clearly enjoying the New Orleans clime.

Greek islands too captured Charlie's fancy;

Day trips to choice spots were never chancy.

On the island of Andros in two thousand and four,

These guys found a lot of good stuff to explore.

Tenerife's Mount Teide was our '08 destination;

But climbing this volcano was not a vacation.

In the shadow of Mother Nature's exquisite giant,

We learned about pioneering behavioral science.

For the Tenerife Primate Research establishment

Was where Kohler showed us that apes are intelligent.

2009 marked a new chapter in Charlie's life:

He asked Joyce to be his ever-lovin' wife.

In March of that year, they toasted their engagement,

And the grand bash in September was simply magnificent.

Having Joyce in our group is a welcome addition,

With her “je ne sais quoi” and wise intuition.

In Cambridge and Corsica our friendship has flourished

And today is one more of the times that we cherish.

This poem will not change the literary world;

The pages will turn old, discolored, and curled,

But the words I have written in the lines above

Are conveyed to Charlie with loads of love.