MARC Records and KBART

MARC records for MIT CogNet are below. Records for frontlist titles are also available from OCLC.

MARC Records and KBART Files

Free OCLC MARC Records and KBART files

We understand that full, high-quality MARC records greatly improve the discoverability and usage of your MIT Press ebook collections, so we have partnered with OCLC to provide free WorldCat records for your titles. The records are available through OCLC's WorldShare Collection Manager at no charge to all MIT Press customers.

Additionally, OCLC will automatically provide ongoing MARC record updates as they are enriched by the expert library community as well as new and delete records as your collection titles change over time. If you have an active OCLC cataloging and metadata subscription, OCLC will automatically maintain your WorldCat holdings. Please see OCLC's website for more information.

Please contact with any questions about how CogNet records are handled in OCLC's system.

Libraries may download KBART files directly through the Collection Manager using the instructions at OCLC.