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Linguistic Inquiry


Samuel Jay Keyser, Editor-in-Chief 

Linguistic Inquiry leads the field in research on current topics in linguistics. In each issue, its authors keep themselves and other readers informed of new theoretical developments based on the latest international scholarship. 

Table of Contents

Vol. 49, Issue 4 - Fall 2018


Beware Occam’s Syntactic Razor: Morphotactic Analysis and Spanish Mesoclisis
pp. 625-683
Abstract | PDF (897.61 KB)
Guttural Ghosts in Modern Hebrew
pp. 685-721
Abstract | PDF (210.63 KB)
Summative Existentials
pp. 723-739
Abstract | PDF (288.99 KB)
Focus on Russian Scope: An Experimental Investigation of the Relationship between Quantifier Scope, Prosody, and Information Structure
pp. 741-779
Abstract | PDF (1.57 MB)
Multiple Sluicing, Scope, and Superiority: Consequences for Ellipsis Identity
pp. 781-812
Abstract | PDF (555.14 KB)
ɸ-Features at the Syntax-Semantics Interface: Evidence from Nominal Inflection
pp. 813-845
Abstract | PDF (419.48 KB)
Resumptive Pronouns Can Ameliorate Illicit Island Extractions
pp. 847-859
Abstract | PDF (205.28 KB)
English Resumptive Pronouns Are More Common Where Gaps Are Less Acceptable
pp. 861-876
Abstract | PDF (95.35 KB)
Eventive Nominalizations in Russian and the DP/NP Debate
pp. 876-885
Abstract | PDF (68.38 KB)