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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 33, Issue 3 - March 2021


Relational Integration in the Human Brain: A Review and Synthesis
pp. 341-356
Abstract | PDF (357.34 KB)
Navigating Increasing Levels of Relational Complexity: Perceptual, Analogical, and System Mappings
pp. 357-376
Abstract | PDF (860.82 KB)
Distributed Code for Semantic Relations Predicts Neural Similarity during Analogical Reasoning
pp. 377-389
Abstract | PDF (859.05 KB)
Individual Differences in the Neural Localization of Relational Networks of Semantic Concepts
pp. 390-401
Abstract | PDF (900.28 KB)
Prior Reward Conditioning Dampens Hippocampal and Striatal Responses during an Associative Memory Task
pp. 402-421
Abstract | PDF (879.14 KB)
Error in the Superior Temporal Gyrus? A Systematic Review and Activation Likelihood Estimation Meta-Analysis of Speech Production Studies
pp. 422-444
Abstract | PDF (892.04 KB)
Tracking the Emergence of Location-based Spatial Representations in Human Scene-Selective Cortex
pp. 445-462
Abstract | PDF (724.93 KB)
Deficient Goal-Directed Control in a Population Characterized by Extreme Goal Pursuit
pp. 463-481
Abstract | PDF (1.05 MB)
Electroencephalographic Study on Sensory Integration in Visually Induced Postural Sway
pp. 482-498
Abstract | PDF (2.03 MB)
Creative Connections: Computational Semantic Distance Captures Individual Creativity and Resting-State Functional Connectivity
pp. 499-509
Abstract | PDF (748.24 KB)
EEG-based Identification of Evidence Accumulation Stages in Decision-Making
pp. 510-527
Abstract | PDF (873.38 KB)
Anodal Occipital Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Perceived Visual Size Illusions
pp. 528-535
Abstract | PDF (331.83 KB)
Stimulus-induced Alpha Suppression Tracks the Difficulty of Attentional Selection, Not Visual Working Memory Storage
pp. 536-562
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