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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 30, Issue 9 - September 2018


Attentional Fluctuations Influence the Neural Fidelity and Connectivity of Stimulus Representations
pp. 1209-1228
Abstract | PDF (3.42 MB)
Contralateral Delay Activity Tracks Fluctuations in Working Memory Performance
pp. 1229-1240
Abstract | PDF (1.06 MB)
Pupillary Correlates of Fluctuations in Sustained Attention
pp. 1241-1253
Abstract | PDF (518.41 KB)
From Believing to Belief: A General Theoretical Model
pp. 1254-1264
Abstract | PDF (179.77 KB)
Combined Electrophysiological and Behavioral Evidence for the Suppression of Salient Distractors
pp. 1265-1280
Abstract | PDF (1.61 MB)
Attending to What and Where: Background Connectivity Integrates Categorical and Spatial Attention
pp. 1281-1297
Abstract | PDF (2.76 MB)
Storytelling Is Intrinsically Mentalistic: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Narrative Production across Modalities
pp. 1298-1314
Abstract | PDF (1.73 MB)
Neuronal Population Responses in the Human Ventral Temporal and Lateral Parietal Cortex during Arithmetic Processing with Digits and Number Words
pp. 1315-1322
Abstract | PDF (987.42 KB)
Late Positive Component Event-related Potential Amplitude Predicts Long-term Classroom-based Learning
pp. 1323-1329
Abstract | PDF (811.92 KB)
The Influence of Dopamine on Cognitive Flexibility Is Mediated by Functional Connectivity in Young but Not Older Adults
pp. 1330-1344
Abstract | PDF (2.7 MB)
Learning Naturalistic Temporal Structure in the Posterior Medial Network
pp. 1345-1365
Abstract | PDF (3.35 MB)
Stimulus Familiarity and Expectation Jointly Modulate Neural Activity in the Visual Ventral Stream
pp. 1366-1377
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