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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 23, Issue 9 - September 2011


Can Innate, Modular “Foundations” Explain Morality? Challenges for Haidt's Moral Foundations Theory
pp. 2103-2116
Abstract | PDF (196.16 KB)
How Moral Foundations Theory Succeeded in Building on Sand: A Response to Suhler and Churchland
pp. 2117-2122
Abstract | PDF (95.59 KB)
Frontostriatal Maturation Predicts Cognitive Control Failure to Appetitive Cues in Adolescents
pp. 2123-2134
Abstract | PDF (329.33 KB)
White Matter Microstructure in Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus Associated with Spatial Working Memory Performance in Children
pp. 2135-2146
Abstract | PDF (500.88 KB)
Brain Areas Consistently Linked to Individual Differences in Perceptual Decision-making in Younger as well as Older Adults before and after Training
pp. 2147-2158
Abstract | PDF (393.82 KB)
Learning Increases the Survival of Newborn Neurons Provided That Learning Is Difficult to Achieve and Successful
pp. 2159-2170
Abstract | PDF (292.89 KB)
Differential Callosal Contributions to Bimanual Control in Young and Older Adults
pp. 2171-2185
Abstract | PDF (679.69 KB)
Harming Kin to Save Strangers: Further Evidence for Abnormally Utilitarian Moral Judgments after Ventromedial Prefrontal Damage
pp. 2186-2196
Abstract | PDF (262.86 KB)
Effects of Emotional Preferences on Value-based Decision-making Are Mediated by Mentalizing and Not Reward Networks
pp. 2197-2210
Abstract | PDF (732.61 KB)
Integrating Conflict Detection and Attentional Control Mechanisms
pp. 2211-2221
Abstract | PDF (462.11 KB)
Dissociable Neural Systems Supporting Knowledge about Human Character and Appearance in Ourselves and Others
pp. 2222-2230
Abstract | PDF (253.81 KB)
Object-based Selection of Irrelevant Features Is Not Confined to the Attended Object
pp. 2231-2239
Abstract | PDF (389.22 KB)
At the Edge of Semantic Space: The Breakdown of Coherent Concepts in Semantic Dementia Is Constrained by Typicality and Severity but Not Modality
pp. 2240-2251
Abstract | PDF (715.12 KB)
Effects of Selective Attention on Syntax Processing in Music and Language
pp. 2252-2267
Abstract | PDF (564.47 KB)
Perception of Speech in Noise: Neural Correlates
pp. 2268-2279
Abstract | PDF (488.07 KB)
Hebrew Brain vs. English Brain: Language Modulates the Way It Is Processed
pp. 2280-2290
Abstract | PDF (353.55 KB)
Interactions between Auditory and Visual Semantic Stimulus Classes: Evidence for Common Processing Networks for Speech and Body Actions
pp. 2291-2308
Abstract | PDF (604.82 KB)
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Word Retrieval in Healthy and Nonfluent Aphasic Subjects
pp. 2309-2323
Abstract | PDF (563.81 KB)
Memory Strength Effects in fMRI Studies: A Matter of Confidence
pp. 2324-2335
Abstract | PDF (314.55 KB)
Spatial Attention Determines the Nature of Nonverbal Number Representation
pp. 2336-2351
Abstract | PDF (586.15 KB)
Making Mirrors: Premotor Cortex Stimulation Enhances Mirror and Counter-mirror Motor Facilitation
pp. 2352-2362
Abstract | PDF (225.42 KB)
Binding under Conflict Conditions: State–Space Analysis of Multivariate EEG Synchronization
pp. 2363-2375
Abstract | PDF (587.48 KB)
The Neural Career of Sensory-motor Metaphors
pp. 2376-2386
Abstract | PDF (510.56 KB)
The Development of Cortical Sensitivity to Visual Word Forms
pp. 2387-2399
Abstract | PDF (382.4 KB)
The Relationship of Language and Emotion: N400 Support for an Embodied View of Language Comprehension
pp. 2400-2414
Abstract | PDF (472.54 KB)
Intention Processing in Communication: A Common Brain Network for Language and Gestures
pp. 2415-2431
Abstract | PDF (666.45 KB)
Semantic Diversity Accounts for the “Missing” Word Frequency Effect in Stroke Aphasia: Insights Using a Novel Method to Quantify Contextual Variability in Meaning
pp. 2432-2446
Abstract | PDF (398.63 KB)
The Role of Prosodic Breaks and Pitch Accents in Grouping Words during On-line Sentence Processing
pp. 2447-2467
Abstract | PDF (605.28 KB)
Network Dynamics Mediating Ipsilateral Motor Cortex Activity during Unimanual Actions
pp. 2468-2480
Abstract | PDF (629.55 KB)
Electrophysiological Evidence for Different Inhibitory Mechanisms When Stopping or Changing a Planned Response
pp. 2481-2493
Abstract | PDF (370.49 KB)
Alpha Oscillations Correlate with the Successful Inhibition of Unattended Stimuli
pp. 2494-2502
Abstract | PDF (381.44 KB)
Neuronal Signal Dynamics during Preparation and Execution for Behavioral Shifting in Macaque Posterior Parietal Cortex
pp. 2503-2520
Abstract | PDF (799.06 KB)
Selective Cortical Mapping of Biological Motion Processing in Young Infants
pp. 2521-2532
Abstract | PDF (455.38 KB)
Neural Correlates of Encoding Within- and Across-domain Inter-item Associations
pp. 2533-2543
Abstract | PDF (342.85 KB)
Color, Context, and Cognitive Style: Variations in Color Knowledge Retrieval as a Function of Task and Subject Variables
pp. 2544-2557
Abstract | PDF (555.29 KB)
Frontoparietal Activation Distinguishes Face and Space from Artifact Concepts
pp. 2558-2568
Abstract | PDF (424.7 KB)
The Influence of Emotion Regulation on Decision-making under Risk
pp. 2569-2581
Abstract | PDF (381.56 KB)
The Memory Function of Noradrenergic Activity in Non-REM Sleep
pp. 2582-2592
Abstract | PDF (205.5 KB)
Working Memory Encoding Delays Top–Down Attention to Visual Cortex
pp. 2593-2604
Abstract | PDF (295.33 KB)
Network Alterations Supporting Word Retrieval in Patients with Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
pp. 2605-2619
Abstract | PDF (947.69 KB)
Rapid Modulation of Sensory Processing Induced by Stimulus Conflict
pp. 2620-2628
Abstract | PDF (409.55 KB)