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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

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Vol. 23, Issue 11 - November 2011


Implicit and Explicit Mechanisms of Word Learning in a Narrative Context: An Event-related Potential Study
pp. 3181-3196
Abstract | PDF (492.73 KB)
Is It a Baby? Perceived Age Affects Brain Processing of Faces Differently in Women and Men
pp. 3197-3208
Abstract | PDF (674.48 KB)
Overlapping Parietal Activity in Memory and Perception: Evidence for the Attention to Memory Model
pp. 3209-3217
Abstract | PDF (198.97 KB)
Inflexibly Focused under Stress: Acute Psychosocial Stress Increases Shielding of Action Goals at the Expense of Reduced Cognitive Flexibility with Increasing Time Lag to the Stressor
pp. 3218-3227
Abstract | PDF (152.77 KB)
Word Learning in 6-Month-Olds: Fast Encoding–Weak Retention
pp. 3228-3240
Abstract | PDF (500.03 KB)
Perceptual and Conceptual Priming of Environmental Sounds
pp. 3241-3253
Abstract | PDF (341.12 KB)
Using Complement Coercion to Understand the Neural Basis of Semantic Composition: Evidence from an fMRI Study
pp. 3254-3266
Abstract | PDF (247.98 KB)
Multiple Processes Underlying Dimensional Change Card Sort Performance: A Developmental Electrophysiological Investigation
pp. 3267-3279
Abstract | PDF (422.82 KB)
Putting a Name to a Face: The Role of Name Labels in the Formation of Face Memories
pp. 3280-3293
Abstract | PDF (513.38 KB)
The Neural Correlates of Inhibiting Pursuit to Smoothly Moving Targets
pp. 3294-3303
Abstract | PDF (456.86 KB)
Anatomical Properties of the Arcuate Fasciculus Predict Phonological and Reading Skills in Children
pp. 3304-3317
Abstract | PDF (523.06 KB)
Orienting Attention in Time Activates Left Intraparietal Sulcus for Both Perceptual and Motor Task Goals
pp. 3318-3330
Abstract | PDF (251.99 KB)
Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence for Early and Automatic Detection of Phonological Equivalence in Variable Speech Inputs
pp. 3331-3342
Abstract | PDF (201.22 KB)
Modulation of the Fusiform Face Area following Minimal Exposure to Motivationally Relevant Faces: Evidence of In-group Enhancement (Not Out-group Disregard)
pp. 3343-3354
Abstract | PDF (292.93 KB)
Comparison of Primate Prefrontal and Premotor Cortex Neuronal Activity during Visual Categorization
pp. 3355-3365
Abstract | PDF (1021.69 KB)
Evidence for Early Morphological Decomposition: Combining Masked Priming with Magnetoencephalography
pp. 3366-3379
Abstract | PDF (364.92 KB)
Activation of Inhibition: Diminishing Impulsive Behavior by Direct Current Stimulation over the Inferior Frontal Gyrus
pp. 3380-3387
Abstract | PDF (197.38 KB)
Inhibition-related Activation in the Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus in the Absence of Inhibitory Cues
pp. 3388-3399
Abstract | PDF (276.92 KB)
Eye Can See What You Want: Posterior Intraparietal Sulcus Encodes the Object of an Actor's Gaze
pp. 3400-3409
Abstract | PDF (297.14 KB)
Electrophysiological Evidence for Biased Competition in V1 for Fear Expressions
pp. 3410-3418
Abstract | PDF (242.64 KB)
Reward Reduces Conflict by Enhancing Attentional Control and Biasing Visual Cortical Processing
pp. 3419-3432
Abstract | PDF (415.23 KB)
Face Processing Changes in Normal Aging Revealed by fMRI Adaptation
pp. 3433-3447
Abstract | PDF (454.54 KB)
The Neural Sociometer: Brain Mechanisms Underlying State Self-esteem
pp. 3448-3455
Abstract | PDF (207.14 KB)
Involvement of the Primary Motor Cortex in Controlling Movements Executed with the Ipsilateral Hand Differs between Left- and Right-handers
pp. 3456-3469
Abstract | PDF (1.99 MB)
Choosing Our Words: Retrieval and Selection Processes Recruit Shared Neural Substrates in Left Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex
pp. 3470-3482
Abstract | PDF (306.11 KB)
The Brain Network for Deductive Reasoning: A Quantitative Meta-analysis of 28 Neuroimaging Studies
pp. 3483-3497
Abstract | PDF (346.57 KB)
Updating Existing Emotional Memories Involves the Frontopolar/Orbito-frontal Cortex in Ways that Acquiring New Emotional Memories Does Not
pp. 3498-3514
Abstract | PDF (449.27 KB)
Enhanced Multisensory Integration and Motor Reactivation after Active Motor Learning of Audiovisual Associations
pp. 3515-3528
Abstract | PDF (490.54 KB)
Functional Connectivity Separates Switching Operations in the Posterior Lateral Frontal Cortex
pp. 3529-3539
Abstract | PDF (292.78 KB)
Memory-based Decision-making with Heuristics: Evidence for a Controlled Activation of Memory Representations
pp. 3540-3554
Abstract | PDF (601.56 KB)
Phrase Length Matters: The Interplay between Implicit Prosody and Syntax in Korean “Garden Path” Sentences
pp. 3555-3575
Abstract | PDF (527.36 KB)
Dopamine and the Management of Attentional Resources: Genetic Markers of Striatal D2 Dopamine Predict Individual Differences in the Attentional Blink
pp. 3576-3585
Abstract | PDF (159.69 KB)
The Influence of Context on Hemispheric Recruitment during Metaphor Processing
pp. 3586-3597
Abstract | PDF (288.35 KB)
From an Executive Network to Executive Control: A Computational Model of the n-back Task
pp. 3598-3619
Abstract | PDF (555.97 KB)
Dissociating Neural Correlates of Action Monitoring and Metacognition of Agency
pp. 3620-3636
Abstract | PDF (392.82 KB)
The Effects of Attention on Age-related Relational Memory Deficits: fMRI Evidence from a Novel Attentional Manipulation
pp. 3637-3656
Abstract | PDF (550.94 KB)
Mine and Me: Exploring the Neural Basis of Object Ownership
pp. 3657-3668
Abstract | PDF (273.56 KB)
The Neural Basis of Parallel Saccade Programming: An fMRI Study
pp. 3669-3680
Abstract | PDF (320.77 KB)
Serotonin Transporter Genotype Modulates Subgenual Response to Fearful Faces Using an Incidental Task
pp. 3681-3693
Abstract | PDF (251.76 KB)
Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production
pp. 3694-3702
Abstract | PDF (232.52 KB)