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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 17, Issue 9 - September 2005


The Perception of Voice Onset Time: An fMRI Investigation of Phonetic Category Structure
pp. 1353-1366
Abstract | PDF (4.39 MB)
Who Comes First? The Role of the Prefrontal and Parietal Cortex in Cognitive Control
pp. 1367-1375
Abstract | PDF (1.66 MB)
Different Brain Strategies Underlie the Categorical Perception of Foreign and Native Phonemes
pp. 1376-1385
Abstract | PDF (547.53 KB)
Unattended Facial Expressions Asymmetrically Bias the Concurrent Processing of Nonemotional Information
pp. 1386-1395
Abstract | PDF (532.05 KB)
Effects of Spatial Congruity on Audio-Visual Multimodal Integration
pp. 1396-1409
Abstract | PDF (1.1 MB)
Differential Effects of Lesions of the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex on Recognizing Facial Expressions of Complex Emotions
pp. 1410-1419
Abstract | PDF (436.12 KB)
Common and Differential Neural Mechanisms Supporting Imitation of Meaningful and Meaningless Actions
pp. 1420-1431
Abstract | PDF (857.44 KB)
Cognitive Requirements for Vestibular and Ocular Motor Processing in Healthy Adults and Patients with Unilateral Vestibular Lesions
pp. 1432-1441
Abstract | PDF (233.82 KB)
Audiovisual Integration in Patients with Visual Deficit
pp. 1442-1452
Abstract | PDF (374.31 KB)
Category Deficits and Paradoxical Dissociations in Alzheimer's Disease and Herpes Simplex Encephalitis
pp. 1453-1459
Abstract | PDF (102.85 KB)
Learning and Transfer of an Ipsilateral Coordination Task: Evidence for a Dual-layer Movement Representation
pp. 1460-1470
Abstract | PDF (494.6 KB)
The Neurophysiology of Functionally Meaningful Categories: Macaque Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Plays a Critical Role in Spontaneous Categorization of Species-Specific Vocalizations
pp. 1471-1482
Abstract | PDF (3.7 MB)
Rule-dependent Activity for Prosaccades and Antisaccades in the Primate Prefrontal Cortex
pp. 1483-1496
Abstract | PDF (6.92 MB)