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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 15, Issue 8 - November 15, 2003


Neural Mechanisms for Response Selection: Representation Specific or Modality Independent?
pp. 1077-1079
Abstract | PDF (51.6 KB)
Common Neural Substrates for Response Selection across Modalities and Mapping Paradigms
pp. 1080-1094
Abstract | PDF (10.81 MB)
Common Neural Mechanisms for Response Selection and Perceptual Processing
pp. 1095-1110
Abstract | PDF (1.66 MB)
Neural Evidence for Representation-Specific Response Selection
pp. 1111-1121
Abstract | PDF (673.46 KB)
Working Memory for Complex Scenes: Age Differences in Frontal and Hippocampal Activations
pp. 1122-1134
Abstract | PDF (3.99 MB)
ERP Evidence for a Sex-Specific Stroop Effect in Emotional Speech
pp. 1135-1148
Abstract | PDF (791.09 KB)
Processing Tonal Modulations: An ERP Study
pp. 1149-1159
Abstract | PDF (358.15 KB)
An Event-Related fMRI Investigation of Implicit Semantic Priming
pp. 1160-1175
Abstract | PDF (616.79 KB)
Orienting Attention to Locations in Internal Representations
pp. 1176-1194
Abstract | PDF (897.98 KB)
Grammar Processing Outside the Focus of Attention: an MEG Study
pp. 1195-1206
Abstract | PDF (1.65 MB)
Direct Evidence for a Binding between Cognitive and Motor Functions in Humans: A TMS Study
pp. 1207-1216
Abstract | PDF (430.43 KB)
A Monotonic Code for Sound Azimuth in Primate Inferior Colliculus
pp. 1217-1231
Abstract | PDF (918.78 KB)
Spatial and Temporal Sequence Learning in Patients with Parkinson's Disease or Cerebellar Lesions
pp. 1232-1243
Abstract | PDF (256.84 KB)
Precise Oculomotor Correlates of Visuospatial Mental Rotation and Circular Motion Imagery
pp. 1244-1259
Abstract | PDF (2.19 MB)