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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience



Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience investigates brain–behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field, covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy. JOCN is an online-only publication and is published by the MIT Press and the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute.

Table of Contents

Vol. 15, Issue 2 - February 15, 2003


Form-From-Motion: MEG Evidence for Time Course and Processing Sequence
pp. 157-172
Abstract | PDF (2.19 MB)
Signal Strength Determines the Nature of the Relationship Between Perception and Working Memory
pp. 173-184
Abstract | PDF (441.48 KB)
Dissociating Hippocampal versus Basal Ganglia Contributions to Learning and Transfer
pp. 185-193
Abstract | PDF (364.29 KB)
A Computational Study into the Evolution of Dual-Route Dynamics for Affective Processing
pp. 194-208
Abstract | PDF (469.19 KB)
Visual Selective Behavior Can Be Triggered by a Feed-Forward Process
pp. 209-217
Abstract | PDF (696.23 KB)
Motion Perception in Autism: A “Complex” Issue
pp. 218-225
Abstract | PDF (784.01 KB)
Enhanced Pitch Sensitivity in Individuals with Autism: A Signal Detection Analysis
pp. 226-235
Abstract | PDF (276.59 KB)
Category-Specific Representations of Social and Nonsocial Knowledge in the Human Prefrontal Cortex
pp. 236-248
Abstract | PDF (550.48 KB)
Lateralization of Prefrontal Activity during Episodic Memory Retrieval: Evidence for the Production-Monitoring Hypothesis
pp. 249-259
Abstract | PDF (1.74 MB)
Neuroimaging Studies of Word and Pseudoword Reading: Consistencies, Inconsistencies, and Limitations
pp. 260-271
Abstract | PDF (348.21 KB)
Distinct Patterns of Neural Modulation during the Processing of Conceptual and Syntactic Anomalies
pp. 272-293
Abstract | PDF (3.97 MB)
Frontal and Parietal Components of a Cerebral Network Mediating Voluntary Attention to Novel Events
pp. 294-313
Abstract | PDF (4.1 MB)