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Vol. 36, Issue 4 - December 2010


Fred Jelinek
pp. 595-599
Abstract | PDF (42.1 KB)
The Right Tools: Reflections on Computation and Language
pp. 601-630
Abstract | PDF (400.86 KB)
An Asymptotic Model for the English Hapax/Vocabulary Ratio
pp. 631-637
Abstract | PDF (454.15 KB)
On Paraphrase and Coreference
pp. 639-647
Abstract | PDF (67.98 KB)
String-to-Dependency Statistical Machine Translation
pp. 649-671
Abstract | PDF (233.76 KB)
Distributional Memory: A General Framework for Corpus-Based Semantics
pp. 673-721
Abstract | PDF (310.42 KB)
A Flexible, Corpus-Driven Model of Regular and Inverse Selectional Preferences
pp. 723-763
Abstract | PDF (628.9 KB)
Introduction to Linguistic Annotation and Text Analytics Graham Wilcock (University of Helsinki) Princeton, NJ: Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 2, No. 1), 2009, x+149 pp; paperbound, ISB
pp. 765-766
Abstract | PDF (34.62 KB)
Natural Language Processing with Python Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper (University of Melbourne, University of Edinburgh, and BBN Technologies) Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media, 2009, xx+482 pp; paperbound, ISBN 978-0-596-51649-9, $44.99; on-line
pp. 767-771
Abstract | PDF (48.21 KB)
Statistical Machine Translation Philipp Koehn (University of Edinburgh) Cambridge University Press, 2010, xii+433 pp; ISBN 978-0-521-87415-1, $60.00
pp. 773-776
Abstract | PDF (45.4 KB)
Introduction to Chinese Natural Language Processing Kam-Fai Wong, Wenjie Li, Ruifeng Xu, and Zheng-sheng Zhang (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, and San Diego State University) Princeton, NJ:
pp. 777-780
Abstract | PDF (41.75 KB)
Spoken Dialogue Systems Kristiina Jokinen and Michael McTear (University of Helsinki, University of Ulster) Princeton, NJ: Morgan & Claypool (Synthesis Lectures on Language Technologies, edited by Graeme Hirst, volume 5), 2009, xiv+151pp; paperback, ISBN
pp. 781-783
Abstract | PDF (37.01 KB)
Machine-Aided Linguistic Discovery: An Introduction and Some Examples Vladimir Pericliev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) London: Equinox, 2010, ix+330 pp; hardbound, ISBN 978-1-84553-660-2, $90.00, £60.00
pp. 785-787
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Essential Programming for Linguistics
pp. 789-789
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A Response to Richard Sproat on Random Systems, Writing, and Entropy
pp. 791-794
Abstract | PDF (100.97 KB)
Entropy, the Indus Script, and Language:A Reply to R. Sproat
pp. 795-805
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Reply to Rao et al. and Lee et al.
pp. 807-816
Abstract | PDF (81.06 KB)
Are We Near the End of the Journal?
pp. 817-821
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Reviewers for Volume 36
pp. 823-823
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