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Artificial Life


Artificial Life is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). Each issue features international research that spans the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

Table of Contents

Vol. 23, Issue 3 - Summer 2017


Feedforward Chemical Neural Network: An In Silico Chemical System That Learns
pp. 295-317
Abstract | PDF (653.73 KB)
Self-Replicators Emerge from a Self-Organizing Prebiotic Computer World
pp. 318-342
Abstract | PDF (4.12 MB)
Molecular Robots Obeying Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics
pp. 343-350
Abstract | PDF (1.13 MB)
Physical Scaffolding Accelerates the Evolution of Robot Behavior
pp. 351-373
Abstract | PDF (1.78 MB)
Imitative and Direct Learning as Interacting Factors in Life History Evolution
pp. 374-405
Abstract | PDF (1.95 MB)
Cultural Transmission and Evolution of Melodic Structures in Multi-generational Signaling Games
pp. 406-423
Abstract | PDF (1.17 MB)
The Influence of Cellular Characteristics on the Evolution of Shape Homeostasis
pp. 424-448
Abstract | PDF (850.5 KB)
Book Review: Search and Construct
pp. 449-451
Abstract | PDF (64.72 KB)