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Artificial Life


Artificial Life is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). Each issue features international research that spans the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

Table of Contents

Vol. 21, Issue 2 - Spring 2015


An Artificial Bioindicator System for Network Intrusion Detection
pp. 93-118
Abstract | PDF (841.39 KB)
Learning Tensegrity Locomotion Using Open-Loop Control Signals and Coevolutionary Algorithms
pp. 119-140
Abstract | PDF (900.18 KB)
On the Evolution of Behaviors through Embodied Imitation
pp. 141-165
Abstract | PDF (1.04 MB)
Minimal Conditions for Protocell Stationary Growth
pp. 166-192
Abstract | PDF (1.21 MB)
Autonomous Droplet Architectures
pp. 195-204
Abstract | PDF (553.64 KB)
Complexity Measurement Based on Information Theory and Kolmogorov Complexity
pp. 205-224
Abstract | PDF (1.54 MB)
Excitability Modulation of Oscillating Media in 3D-Printed Structures
pp. 225-233
Abstract | PDF (725.39 KB)
Autonomous Pattern Formation of Micro-organic Cell Density with Optical Interlink between Two Isolated Culture Dishes
pp. 234-246
Abstract | PDF (1.13 MB)
An Autonomous In Vivo Dual Selection Protocol for Boolean Genetic Circuits
pp. 247-260
Abstract | PDF (690.99 KB)