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Artificial Life


Artificial Life is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). Each issue features international research that spans the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

Table of Contents

Vol. 19, Issue 3_4 - Summer/Fall 2013


Introduction to Recent Developments in Living Technology
pp. 291-298
Abstract | PDF (104.02 KB)
Toward Metabolic Robotics: Insights from Modeling Embodied Cognition in a Biomechatronic Symbiont1
pp. 299-315
Abstract | PDF (591.08 KB)
Slimeware: Engineering Devices with Slime Mold
pp. 317-330
Abstract | PDF (1.32 MB)
Bütschli Dynamic Droplet System
pp. 331-346
Abstract | PDF (1.44 MB)
Bespoke Physics for Living Technology
pp. 347-364
Abstract | PDF (1.21 MB)
Pervasive Flexibility in Living Technologies through Degeneracy-Based Design
pp. 365-386
Abstract | PDF (828.9 KB)
A Design for Living Technology: Experiments with the Mind Time Machine
pp. 387-400
Abstract | PDF (776.77 KB)
Living in Living Cities
pp. 401-420
Abstract | PDF (318.76 KB)
Readiness for Living Technology: A Comparative Study of the Uptake of Robot Technology in the Danish Health-Care Sector
pp. 421-436
Abstract | PDF (157.27 KB)
Governance Strategies for Living Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Stimulating and Regulating Technoscience
pp. 437-450
Abstract | PDF (668.56 KB)
Harnessing Our Very Life
pp. 451-469
Abstract | PDF (188.23 KB)
The Ultimate Technology: The End of Technology and the Task of Nature
pp. 471-485
Abstract | PDF (164.38 KB)
Reviewers of Volume 19
pp. 487-487
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