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Artificial Life


Artificial Life is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). Each issue features international research that spans the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

Table of Contents

Vol. 18, Issue 3 - Summer 2012


Excess Mutual Catalysis Is Required for Effective Evolvability
pp. 243-266
Abstract | PDF (891.81 KB)
Wasps, Termites, and Waspmites: Distinguishing Competence from Performance in Collective Construction
pp. 267-290
Abstract | PDF (431.49 KB)
Evolution of Resistance to Quorum Quenching in Digital Organisms
pp. 291-310
Abstract | PDF (736 KB)
Naming Game on Adaptive Weighted Networks
pp. 311-323
Abstract | PDF (888.65 KB)
Exploring Discrete Dynamics. Andrew Wuensche. (2011, Luniver Press.) xxxvii + 498 pages, 290 figures, 31 tables.
pp. 325-328
Abstract | PDF (64.46 KB)
Information and Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives. G. Terzis and R. Arp (Eds.). (2011, MIT Press.) $50.
pp. 329-330
Abstract | PDF (53.16 KB)