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Artificial Life


Artificial Life is the official journal of the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). Each issue features international research that spans the hierarchy of biological organization, including studies of the origin of life, self-assembly, growth and development, evolutionary and ecological dynamics, animal and robot behavior, social organization, and cultural evolution.

Table of Contents

Vol. 14, Issue 1 - Winter 2008


Systems Biology and Artificial Life: Towards Predictive Modeling of Biological Systems
pp. 1-2
Abstract | PDF (47.12 KB)
Construction of a Biological Tissue Model Based on a Single-Cell Model: A Computer Simulation of Metabolic Heterogeneity in the Liver Lobule
pp. 3-28
Abstract | PDF (945.7 KB)
Comparative Study of Circadian Oscillatory Network Models of Drosophila
pp. 29-48
Abstract | PDF (408.34 KB)
Exploring the Operational Characteristics of Inference Algorithms for Transcriptional Networks by Means of Synthetic Data
pp. 49-63
Abstract | PDF (700.97 KB)
Constructing Gene Networks Using Variational Bayesian Variable Selection
pp. 65-79
Abstract | PDF (215.82 KB)
Algebraic Method for the Analysis of Signaling Crosstalk
pp. 81-94
Abstract | PDF (363.11 KB)
A Model of the Quorum Sensing System in Vibrio fischeri Using P Systems
pp. 95-109
Abstract | PDF (233.57 KB)
Phase Transitions and Bistability in Honeybee Foraging Dynamics
pp. 111-120
Abstract | PDF (191.65 KB)
Bio-Logic: Gene Expression and the Laws of Combinatorial Logic
pp. 121-133
Abstract | PDF (337.1 KB)
Genetic Regulatory Network Models of Biological Clocks: Evolutionary History Matters
pp. 135-148
Abstract | PDF (317.12 KB)
The Topology of the Protein Network Influences the Dynamics of Gene Order: From Systems Biology to a Systemic Understanding of Evolution
pp. 149-156
Abstract | PDF (304.1 KB)