I forgot my login and password. What do I do?
Your login is the same as your email address. If you have forgotten your password, contact Customer Service.

May I include content from MIT CogNet in an electronic coursepack?
As an institutional subscriber to MIT CogNet, members of your user community may include links to content within MIT CogNet in their electronic coursepacks. This includes learning management systems such as Blackboard.

When individual or institutional subscriptions end is there permanent access to archived issues of MIT Press journals?
No. Access to MIT Press journal content is only active during the subscription period. Once the subscription is terminated, all access to content is terminated.

What are the permitted uses of MIT CogNet?
For individual subscribers, please refer to our Terms of Use. For institutional subscribers, please refer to our Institutional Site License.

How do I request permission to use the book and journal content available in MIT CogNet?
For all permissions requests, please contact Pam Quick, Permissions Manager, at quik@mit.edu.

Will you notify me when new content is added to MIT Press CogNet?
Yes. We will email both individual and institutional subscribers, including any registered users at subscribing institutions when new book content is added.

Our library already subscribes to some of the MIT Press journals available in CogNet. Are there differences between access to those journals via CogNet and subscribing to them directly?

There are two main differences.

1. After a subscription to an MIT Press journal is not renewed, the subscriber is entitled to retain access to the volumes that were published during the term of the subscription. Once a subscription to CogNet is not renewed, you will no longer have access to any content, including content that was published during the term of the subscription. For example, if you subscribed directly to the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience between 2010–2018, but did not renew in 2019, you would still be entitled to access the 2010–2018 volumes online, indefinitely. If you subscribed to CogNet between 2010–2018, but did not renew in 2019, you would have no access to the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience or any of the other titles in CogNet.

2. Subscribing to the journals directly gives you the option of receiving the print version of the journal, when available (some of our journals are online only). A subscription to CogNet does not give the option to receive the print version.

Does MIT Press offer any discounts when subscribing to CogNet and a journal that is in CogNet at the same time?

Yes. You will receive a 5% discount on your CogNet subscription for every journal you continue to subscribe to directly, to a maximum of 20%. For example, if you subscribe to Artificial Life, the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, and Neural Computation, you will receive 15% off the CogNet subscription price.

How do I add a user who is coming in from a different IP than my larger user community?

We can establish access for remote users via a proxy IP that is administered by the Subscribing Institution.  Please contact Customer Service to add or update your proxy IP.  Be sure to include these details in your message:

  • Institution name
  • IP to be added in standard IPv4 range format (see sample below)
    • 192.168.1.*
  • Administrator name and email
  • Customer number and/or purchase order number, if available