ISBN: 9780262033442 | 504 pp. | May 2006

Table of Contents
  1. Functional Neuroimaging: A Historical and Physiological Perspective
Marcus E. Raichle
  2. Functional Neuroimaging: Basic Principles of Functional MRI
Allen W. Song, Scott A. Huettel, and Gregory McCarthy
  3. Functional Neuroimaging: Experimental Design and Analysis
Jody C. Culham
  4. Functional Neuroimaging of Attention
Barry Giesbrecht, Alan Kingstone, Todd C. Handy, Joseph B. Hopfinger, and George R. Mangun
  5. Functional Neuroimaging of Skill Learning
Russell A. Poldrack and Daniel T. Willingham
  6. Functional Neuroimaging of Semantic Memory
Sharon L. Thompson-Schill, Irene P. Kan, and Robyn T. Oliver
  7. Functional Neuroimaging of Language
Richard J. S. Wise and Cathy J. Price
  8. Functional Neuroimaging of Episodic Memory
Ian G. Dobbins and Lila Davachi
  9. Functional Neuroimaging of Working Memory
Clayton E. Curtis and Mark D’Esposito
  10. Functional Neuroimaging of Executive Functions
Todd S. Braver and Hannes Ruge
  11. Functional Neuroimaging of Early Cognitive Development
Gaia Scerif, Eleni Kotsoni, and B. J. Casey
  12. Functional Neuroimaging of Cognitive Aging
Sander M. Daselaar, Jeffrey Browndyke, and Roberto Cabeza
  13. Functional Neuroimaging of Emotion and Social Cognition
Elizabeth A. Phelps and Kevin S. LaBar
  14. Functional Neuroimaging of Neuropsychologically Impaired Patients
Cathy J. Price, Uta Noppeney, and Karl J. Friston


Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition, Second Edition


This essential resource on neuroimaging provides an accessible and user-friendly introduction to the field written by leading researchers. The book describes theoretical and methodological developments in the use of functional neuroimaging techniques to study the neural basis of cognition, from early scientific efforts to link brain and behavior to the latest applications of fMRI and PET methods. The core of the book covers fMRI and PET studies in specific domains: attention, skill learning, semantic memory, language, episodic memory, working memory, and executive functions. By introducing a technique within the description of a domain, the book offers a clear explanation of the process while highlighting its biological context. The emphasis on readability makes Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition ideal for classroom use in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in cognitive neuroscience.

This second edition has been completely updated to reflect new developments in the field, with existing chapters rewritten and new chapters added to each section. The section on history and methods now includes a chapter on the crucial topic of the physics of functional neuroimaging; the chapters on skill learning and executive functions are new to the domain section; and chapters on childhood development and emotion and social cognition have been added to the section on developmental, social, and clinical applications. The color insert has been increased in size, enhancing the visual display of representative findings.

Todd S. Braver, Jeffrey Browndyke, Roberto Cabeza, B.J. Casey, Jody Culham, Clayton E. Curtis, Mark D'Esposito, Sander Daselaar, Lila Davachi, Ian Dobbins, Karl J. Friston, Barry Giesbrecht, Todd C. Handy, Joseph B. Hopfinger, Scott A. Huettel, Irene P. Kan, Alan Kingstone, Eleni Kotsoni, Kevin S. LaBar, George R. Mangun, Gregory McCarthy, Uta Noppeney, Robyn T. Oliver, Elizabeth A. Phelps, Russel A. Poldrack, Cathy J. Price, Marcus E. Raichle, Hannes Ruge, Gaia Scerif, Allen W. Song, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill, Daniel T. Willingham, Richard J.S. Wise