Valerie Gray Hardcastle

Valerie Gray Hardcastle is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

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By Valerie Gray Hardcastle
Pain, although very common, is little understood. Worse still, according to Valerie Gray Hardcastle, both professional and lay definitions of pain are wrongheaded—with consequences for how pain and pain patients are treated, how psychological disorders are understood, and how clinicians define the mind/body relationship.Hardcastle offers a biologically based complex theory of pain...

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Philosophical Essays
Edited By Valerie Gray Hardcastle
A great deal of interest and excitement surround the interface between the philosophy of biology and the philosophy of psychology, yet the area is neither well defined nor well represented in mainstream philosophical publications. This book is perhaps the first to open a dialogue between the two disciplines. Its aim is to broaden the traditional subject matter of the philosophy of biology while...