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Edited By Stephen José Hanson, Martin Bunzl
The field of neuroimaging has reached a watershed. Brain imaging research has been the source of many advances in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive science over the last decade, but recent critiques and emerging trends are raising foundational issues of methodology, measurement, and theory. Indeed, concerns over interpretation of brain maps have created serious controversies in social...
Selecting Good Models
Edited By Thomas Petsche, Stephen José Hanson, Jude Shavlik
This is the third in a series of edited volumes exploring the evolving landscape of learning systems research which spans theory and experiment, symbols and signals. It continues the exploration of the synthesis of the machine learning subdisciplines begun in volumes I and II. The nineteen contributions cover learning theory, empirical comparisons of learning algorithms, the use of prior...
Intersections between Theory and Experiment
Edited By Stephen José Hanson, Michael J. Kearns, Thomas Petsche, Ronald L. Rivest
As with Volume I, this second volume represents a synthesis of issues in three historically distinct areas of learning research: computational learning theory, neural network research, and symbolic machine learning. While the first volume provided a forum for building a science of computational learning across fields, this volume attempts to define plausible areas of joint research: the...

Journal Articles by this Author

Neural Computation
Volume 12, Issue 3 (March 1, 2000)
By Nathalie Japkowicz, Stephen José Hanson, Mark A. Gluck
Neural Computation
Volume 14, Issue 9 (September 1, 2002)
By Stephen José Hanson, Michiro Negishi
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 8, Issue 2 (Spring 1996)
By Catherine Hanson, Stephen José Hanson
Neural Computation
Volume 20, Issue 2 (February 2008)
By Stephen José Hanson, Yaroslav O. Halchenko
Neural Computation
Volume 32, Issue 5 (May 2020)
By Noah Frazier-Logue, Stephen José Hanson