Peter Gärdenfors

Peter Gärdenfors is Professor of Cognitive Science at Lund University, Sweden.

Books by this Author

Semantics Based on Conceptual Spaces
By Peter Gärdenfors
In The Geometry of Meaning, Peter Gärdenfors proposes a theory of semantics that bridges cognitive science and linguistics and shows how theories of cognitive processes, in particular concept formation, can be exploited in a general semantic model. He argues that our minds organize the information involved in communicative acts in a format that can be modeled in geometric or topological terms...
The Geometry of Thought
By Peter Gärdenfors
Within cognitive science, two approaches currently dominate the problem of modeling representations. The symbolic approach views cognition as computation involving symbolic manipulation. Connectionism, a special case of associationism, models associations using artificial neuron networks. Peter Gärdenfors offers his theory of conceptual representations as a bridge between the symbolic and...