Pamela M. Greenwood

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By Pamela M. Greenwood, Raja Parasuraman
Although our physical abilities clearly decline as we age, cognitive decline in healthy old age is neither universal nor inevitable. In Nurturing the Older Brain, Pamela Greenwood and Raja Parasuraman show that scientific research does not support the popular notion of the inexorable and progressive effects of cognitive aging in all older adults. They report that many adults maintain a high level...

Journal Articles by this Author

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 17, Issue 10 (October 2005)
By Pamela M. Greenwood, John A. Fossella, Raja Parasuraman
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Volume 21, Issue 11 ()
By Pamela M. Greenwood, Ramya Sundararajan, Ming-Kuan Lin, Reshma Kumar, Karl J. Fryxell, Raja Parasuraman