Kim Sterelny

Kim Sterelny is Professor of Philosophy at Australian National University and Victoria University of Wellington.

Books by this Author

The Evolution of Language
By Ronald J. Planer, Kim Sterelny
In From Signal to Symbol, Ronald Planer and Kim Sterelny propose a novel theory of language: that modern language is the product of a long series of increasingly rich protolanguages evolving over the last two million years. Arguing that language and cognition coevolved, they give a central role to archaeological evidence and attempt to infer cognitive capacities on the basis of that evidence,...
How Evolution Made Humans Unique
By Kim Sterelny
Over the last three million years or so, our lineage has diverged sharply from those of our great ape relatives. Change has been rapid (in evolutionary terms) and pervasive. Morphology, life history, social life, sexual behavior, and foraging patterns have all shifted sharply away from other great apes. No other great ape lineage—including those of chimpanzees and gorillas—seems to...

Books by this Editor

Edited By Kim Sterelny, Richard Joyce, Brett Calcott, Ben Fraser
This collection reports on the latest research on an increasingly pivotal issue for evolutionary biology: cooperation. The chapters are written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and utilize research tools that range from empirical survey to conceptual modeling, reflecting the rich diversity of work in the field. They explore a wide taxonomic range, concentrating on bacteria, social...