Josh Bongard

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A New View of Intelligence
By Rolf Pfeifer, Josh Bongard
How could the body influence our thinking when it seems obvious that the brain controls the body? In How the Body Shapes the Way We Think, Rolf Pfeifer and Josh Bongard demonstrate that thought is not independent of the body but is tightly constrained, and at the same time enabled, by it. They argue that the kinds of thoughts we are capable of have their foundation in our embodiment—in our...

Journal Articles by this Author

Artificial Life
Volume 11, Issue 1-2 (Winter-Spring 2005)
By Rolf Pfeifer, Fumiya Iida, Josh Bongard
Artificial Life
Volume 22, Issue 3 (Summer 2016)
By Tim Taylor, Joshua E. Auerbach, Josh Bongard, Jeff Clune, Simon Hickinbotham, Charles Ofria, Mizuki Oka, Sebastian Risi, Kenneth O. Stanley, Jason Yosinski
Artificial Life
Volume 23, Issue 3 (Summer 2017)
By David Buckingham, Josh Bongard