G. Lynn Stephens

G. Lynn Stephens is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Books by this Author

Alien Voices and Inserted Thoughts
By G. Lynn Stephens, George Graham
In this book, G. Lynn Stephens and George Graham examine verbal hallucinations and thought insertion as examples of what they call "alienated self-consciousness." In such cases, a subject is directly or introspectively aware of an episode in her mental life but experiences it as alien, as somehow attributable to another person.Stephens and Graham explore two sorts of questions about...

Books by this Editor

Individual Volition and Social Context
Edited By Don Ross, David Spurrett, Harold Kincaid, G. Lynn Stephens
Recent scientific findings about human decision making would seem to threaten the traditional concept of the individual conscious will. The will is threatened from “below” by the discovery that our apparently spontaneous actions are actually controlled and initiated from below the level of our conscious awareness, and from “above” by the recognition that we adapt our...
Edited By George Graham, G. Lynn Stephens
Philosophical Psychopathology is a benchmark volume for an emerging field where mental disorders serve as the springboard for philosophical insights. It brings together innovative, current research by Owen Flanagan, Robert Gordon, Robert Van Gulick, and others on mental disorders of consciousness, self-consciousness, emotions, personality, and action and belief as well as general methodological...