Alistair Knott

Alistair Knott is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Books by this Author

By Alistair Knott
How is the information we gather from the world through our sensory and motor apparatus converted into language? It is obvious that there is an interface between language and sensorimotor cognition because we can talk about what we see and do. In this book, Alistair Knott argues that this interface is more direct than commonly assumed. He proposes that the syntax of a concrete sentence—a...

Journal Articles by this Author

Computational Linguistics
Volume 29, Issue 4 (December 2003)
By Bonnie Webber, Matthew Stone, Aravind Joshi, Alistair Knott
Computational Linguistics
Volume 33, Issue 4 (December 2007)
By Alistair Knott
Neural Computation
Volume 26, Issue 9 (September 2014)
By Mira Guise, Alistair Knott, Lubica Benuskova