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MindshapingTadeusz Wiesław Zawidzki2013-06-14
The Parallel BrainEran Zaidel, Marco Iacoboni2003-07-01
A Metaphysics of PsychopathologyPeter Zachar2014-03-28
The Case for QualiaEdmond Wright2008-06-20
SpeciesRobert A. Wilson1999-08-06
The Eugenic Mind ProjectRobert A. Wilson2017-12-15
Electric WordsYorick A. Wilks, Brian M Slator, Louise Guthrie1996-01-23
Experienced WholenessWanja Wiese2018-01-31
Head Direction Cells and the Neural Mechanisms of Spatial OrientationSidney I. Wiener, Jeffrey S. Taube, Jeffrey S. Taube2005-07-01
The Unity of the SelfStephen White1991-10-30
Reconstructing the Cognitive WorldMichael Wheeler2007-05-17
On Perceived Motion and Figural OrganizationMax Wertheimer, Lothar Spillmann2012-08-24
The Child's Theory of MindHenry M. Wellman1992-10-08
The Illusion of Conscious WillDaniel M. Wegner2003-09-01
The Illusion of Conscious Will, New EditionDaniel M. Wegner2017-12-15
BioroboticsBarbara Webb, Thomas R. Consi2001-08-01
Ontology of ConsciousnessHelmut Wautischer2007-08-28
High-Level Motion ProcessingTakeo Watanabe1998-10-20
Dynamical Cognitive ScienceLawrence M. Ward2001-12-01
A Logical JourneyHao Wang1997-01-10
Neurophilosophy of Free WillHenrik Walter2001-04-16
Transcranial Magnetic StimulationVincent Walsh, Alvaro Pascual-Leone2005-09-01
Against Moral ResponsibilityBruce N. Waller2011-11-30
Reproduction in ContextKim Wallen, Jill E. Schneider1999-11-12
Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
The Simple Genetic AlgorithmMichael D. Vose1999-08-27
Dynamic Coordination in the BrainChristoph von der Malsburg, William A. Phillips, Wolf Singer2010-08-31
Re-EmergenceGerald Vision2011-09-01
Memory as PredictionTomaso Vecchi, Daniele Gatti2020-11-24
Neuroscience of CreativityOshin Vartanian, Adam S. Bristol, James C. Kaufman2013-08-30
The Horizons of Evolutionary RoboticsPatricia A. Vargas, Ezequiel A. Di Paolo, Inman Harvey, Phil Husbands2014-03-27
The Embodied Mind, Revised EditionFrancisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson, Eleanor Rosch2017-01-20
The Embodied MindFrancisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson, Eleanor Rosch1992-11-13
Computational Models of ReferringKees van Deemter2016-05-06
The Hidden SenseCretien van Campen2007-11-26
Born KnowingGiorgio Vallortigara, Claudia Losi2021-09-28
Why So Slow?Virginia Valian1999-01-07
Mind and BrainWilliam R. Uttal2011-10-03
Reliability in Cognitive NeuroscienceWilliam R. Uttal2012-09-28
Rhyme and ReasonJuan Uriagereka1998-10-23
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà, Morris Moscovitch1994-08-10
High-Level VisionShimon Ullman1996-07-17
Ten Problems of ConsciousnessMichael Tye1997-01-10
Consciousness, Color, and ContentMichael Tye2002-02-07
A Computational Perspective on Visual AttentionJohn K. Tsotsos2011-05-31
The Neural Basis of Free WillPeter Ulric Tse2013-03-22
Fast Oscillations in Cortical CircuitsRoger D. Traub, John G. R. Jefferys, Miles A. Whittington1999-06-11
Emotions in Humans and ArtifactsRobert Trappl, Paolo Petta, Sabine Payr2003-04-01
Sentence ComprehensionDavid Townsend, Thomas G. Bever2001-05-28
Attention and Performance XVIInui Toshio, James L. McClelland1996-04-24