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The Evolution of the Sensitive SoulSimona Ginsburg, Eva Jablonka2019-02-15
Cognitive Choice ModelingZheng Joyce Wang, Jerome R. Busemeyer2021-03-09
Extraterrestrial LanguagesDaniel Oberhaus2019-09-27
Invisible MindLasana T. Harris2017-05-26
Interactive Task LearningKevin A. Gluck, John E. Laird2019-09-10
The Myth of the Moral BrainHarris Wiseman2016-02-19
Being AmoralThomas Schramme2014-09-30
Disclosing the WorldAndrew Inkpin2016-04-11
Variability and Consistency in Early Language LearningMichael C. Frank, Mika Braginsky, Daniel Yurovsky, Virginia A. Marchman2021-03-16
Principles of Neural DesignPeter Sterling, Simon Laughlin2015-06-30
The Rationality QuotientKeith E. Stanovich, Richard F. West, Maggie E. Toplak2016-11-01
The Measure of MadnessPhilip Gerrans2014-08-29
Translational NeuroscienceKaroly Nikolich, Steven E. Hyman2015-09-30
Cannabinoids and the BrainLinda A. Parker2017-03-01
VisionDavid Marr2010-07-09
VisionJohn E. Dowling, Joseph L. Dowling, Jr. 2016-04-28
Understanding BeliefsNils J. Nilsson2014-08-29
The Technological SingularityMurray Shanahan2015-08-31
NeuroplasticityMoheb Costandi2016-09-30
The Working MindJuan Pascual-Leone, Janice M. Johnson2021-04-13
The Mind-Body ProblemJonathan Westphal2016-09-23
Beyond VersusJames Tabery2014-06-13
Hume's Problem SolvedGerhard Schurz2019-04-12
The Ancient Origins of ConsciousnessTodd E. Feinberg, Jon M. Mallatt2016-06-08
Against FactsArianna Betti2015-08-28
Causing Human ActionsJesús H. Aguilar, Andrei A. Buckareff2010-02-11
Music, Cognition, and Computerized SoundPerry R. Cook2001-01-26
Practical Applications of Sparse ModelingIrina Rish, Guillermo A. Cecchi, Aurelie Lozano, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil2014-10-30
Handbook of Embodied Cognition and Sport PsychologyMassimiliano L. Cappuccio2018-12-14
The Interdisciplinary Science of ConsumptionStephanie D. Preston, Morten L. Kringelbach, Brian Knutson2014-09-30
The Human AdvantageSuzana Herculano-Houzel2016-04-29
Embodiment, Enaction, and CultureChristoph Durt, Thomas Fuchs, Christian Tewes2017-05-08
Changing Minds Changing ToolsVsevolod Kapatsinski2018-07-06
The Origins of MusicNils L. Walin, Björn Merker, Steven Brown2001-09-01
Blockheads!Adam Pautz, Daniel Stoljar2019-01-18
Thinking about OneselfKristina Musholt2015-08-28
Giving a DamnZed Adams, Jacob Browning2017-01-13
Taming UncertaintyRalph Hertwig, Timothy J. Pleskac, Thorsten Pachur2019-07-19
The Social Turn in Moral PsychologyMark Fedyk2017-01-06
Qualitative RepresentationsKenneth D. Forbus2018-12-28
fMRIPeter A. Bandettini2020-02-26
Classification in the WildKonstantinos V. Katsikopoulos, Özgür Şimşek, Marcus Buckmann, Gerd Gigerenzer2021-02-02
PseudoscienceAllison Kaufman, James C. Kaufman2018-01-26
Cognitive Unconscious and Human RationalityLaura Macchi, Maria Bagassi, Riccardo Viale2016-04-22
Scaffolded MindsSomogy Varga2019-08-02
What's Left of Human Nature?Maria Kronfeldner2018-09-21
The Price of Linguistic ProductivityCharles Yang2017-05-02
Dolphin Communication and CognitionDenise Herzing, Christine M. Johnson2015-10-30
Consciousness DemystifiedTodd E. Feinberg, Jon M. Mallatt2018-09-25
DreamingJennifer M. Windt2015-07-20