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Attention and Performance XVIIDaniel Gopher, Asher Koriat1999-04-16
About FaceJonathan Cole1999-02-18
The Motion AftereffectGeorge Mather, Frans Verstraten, Stuart Anstis1998-09-20
Mind as MotionRobert F. Port, Timothy van Gelder1998-01-09
The Two Sides of PerceptionRichard Ivry, Lynn C. Robertson1997-10-24
The Psychology of AttentionHarold Pashler1997-10-10
Indirect PerceptionIrvin Rock1997-03-07
Artificial LifeChristopher G. Langton1997-01-22
Conversations in the Cognitive NeurosciencesMichael S. Gazzaniga1996-11-01
Image And BrainStephen M. Kosslyn1996-09-01
High-Level VisionShimon Ullman1996-07-17
Classroom LessonsKate McGilly1996-01-31
LanguageDavid Caplan1996-01-05
Comparative Approaches to Cognitive ScienceHerbert L. Roitblat, Jean-Arcady Meyer1995-12-14
Developmental PsychobiologyGeorge F. Michel, Celia L. Moore1995-10-16
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 2Stephen M. Kosslyn, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Languages of the MindRay S. Jackendoff1995-09-25
Cognitive CarpentryJohn L. Pollock1995-05-04
Psychologists in Word and ImageNicholas Wade1995-03-31
The Acquisition of the LexiconLila Gleitman, Barbara Landau1994-10-13
Attention and Performance XVCarlo Umiltà, Morris Moscovitch1994-08-10
The Development of Speech PerceptionJudith Goodman, Howard C. Nusbaum1994-03-08
An Odyssey in Learning and PerceptionEleanor J. Gibson1994-02-03
Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive ScienceAlvin I. Goldman1993-11-19
Global NetworksLinda M. Harasim1993-08-02
A Theory of Content and Other EssaysJerry A. Fodor1992-10-08
Symmetry, Causality, MindMichael Leyton1992-04-15
Categorization and Naming in ChildrenEllen M Markman1991-05-02
Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural NetworksGail A. Carpenter, Stephen Grossberg1991-04-18
Theoretical Perspectives on Language DeficitsYosef Grodzinsky1990-02-27
Vision, Brain, and Cooperative ComputationMichael A. Arbib, Allen R. Hanson1990-01-24
Scientific DiscoveryPatrick W. Langley, Gary Bradshaw, Herbert A. Simon, Jan M. Zytkow1987-03-28