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White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for AliceRuth Garrett Millikan1995-03-02
The Virtual ScoreWalter B. Hewlett, Eleanor Selfridge-Field2001-07-01
Varieties of MeaningRuth Garrett Millikan2007-02-01
Understanding IntelligenceRolf Pfeifer, Christian Scheier2001-09-01
Truth from TrashChristopher J. Thornton2002-02-07
The Trouble with ComputersThomas K. Landauer1996-06-06
Timing of BehaviorDavid A. Rosenbaum, Charles E. Collyer1998-07-24
The Theory and Practice of Discourse Parsing and SummarizationDaniel Marcu2000-11-13
Systems, Experts, and ComputersAgatha C. Hughes, Thomas P. Hughes2000-08-07
SyntacticaRichard K. Larson, David S. Warren, Juliana Freire de Lima e Silva, Konstantinos Sagonas1996-02-15
Scientific DiscoveryPatrick W. Langley, Gary Bradshaw, Herbert A. Simon, Jan M. Zytkow1987-03-28
Readings in Machine TranslationSergei Nirenburg, Harold L. Somers, Yorick A. Wilks2003-07-13
The Psychology of ProofLance J. Rips1994-03-08
Parallel Distributed Processing, Volume 1David E. Rumelhart, James L. McClelland, PDP Research Group1987-07-29
Moths to the FlameGregory J. E. Rawlins1996-08-01
Models of Bounded RationalityHerbert A. Simon1997-06-27
Mechanics of Robotic ManipulationMatthew T. Mason2001-08-01
Language, Music, and MindDiana Raffman1993-03-02
Language and SpacePaul Bloom, Merrill F. Garrett, Lynn Nadel, Mary A. Peterson1996-09-01
Knowledge in ActionRaymond Reiter2001-09-01
An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 3Edward E. Smith, Daniel N. Osherson1995-10-16
Global NetworksLinda M. Harasim1993-08-02
Gateways to KnowledgeLawrence Dowler1997-02-01
Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge EngineeringNikola Kasabov1996-10-11
Foundational Issues in Human Brain MappingStephen José Hanson, Martin Bunzl2010-06-14
Explaining the Computational MindMarcin Milkowski2013-04-26
Exercises in Rethinking InnatenessKim Plunkett, Jeffrey Elman1997-04-25
Essays on Nonconceptual ContentYork Gunther2003-02-01
Embodied Music Cognition and Mediation TechnologyMarc Leman2007-09-18
Dynamics in ActionAlicia Juarrero2002-02-07
A Dynamic Systems Approach to DevelopmentLinda B. Smith, Esther Thelen1993-09-21
Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern AgeRichard Coyne1995-09-28
The Design of Animal CommunicationMarc D. Hauser, Mark Konishi2003-03-01
Describing Inner Experience?Russell Hurlburt, Eric Schwitzgebel2007-11-30
Darwinian DominionLewis Petrinovich1998-11-26
Conceptual SpacesPeter Gärdenfors2000-03-20
Computational VisionHanspeter A. Mallot2000-10-16
Cognitive SearchPeter M. Todd, Thomas T. Hills, Trevor W. Robbins, Trevor W. Robbins2012-09-21
Changing MindsAndrea diSessa2001-10-01
BrainstormsDaniel C. Dennett1981-07-13
Beyond the Cognitive MapA. David Redish1999-07-16
Being No OneThomas Metzinger2004-09-01
Attention and Performance XVIInui Toshio, James L. McClelland1996-04-24
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19Bernhard Schölkopf, John Platt, Thomas Hofmann2007-08-31
Accessing and Browsing Information and CommunicationRonald E. Rice, Maureen McCreadie, Shan-Ju L. Chang2001-09-01