ISBN: 9780262341981 | 328 pp. | October 2017

Robot Sex

Social and Ethical Implications
Sexbots are coming. Given the pace of technological advances, it is inevitable that realistic robots specifically designed for people’s sexual gratification will be developed in the not-too-distant future. Despite popular culture’s fascination with the topic, and the emergence of the much-publicized Campaign Against Sex Robots, there has been little academic research on the social, philosophical, moral, and legal implications of robot sex. This book fills the gap, offering perspectives from philosophy, psychology, religious studies, economics, and law on the possible future of robot-human sexual relationships. 
Contributors discuss what a sex robot is, if they exist, why we should take the issue seriously, and what it means to “have sex” with a robot. They make the case for developing sex robots, arguing for their beneficial nature, and the case against it, on religious and moral grounds; they consider the subject from the robot’s perspective, addressing such issues as consent and agency; and they ask whether it is possible for a human to form a mutually satisfying, loving relationship with a robot. Finally, they speculate about the future of human-robot sexual interaction, considering the social acceptability of sex robots and the possible effect on society.
Marina Adshade, Thomas Arnold, Julie Carpenter, John Danaher, Brian Earp, Lily Eva Frank, Joshua Goldstein, Michael Hauskeller, Noreen Herzfeld, Neil McArthur, Mark Migotti, Sven Nyholm, Ezio di Nucci, Steve Petersen, Anders Sandberg, Matthias Scheutz, Litska Strikwerda, Nicole Wyatt

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. I. Introducing Robot Sex
  3. 1. Should We Be Thinking about Robot Sex?

    John Danaher

  4. 2. On the Very Idea of Sex With Robots

    Mark Migotti and Nicole Wyatt

  5. II. Defending Sex Robots
  6. 3. The Case for Sexbots

    Neil McArthur

  7. 4. Should We Campaign Against Sex Robots?

    John Danaher, Brian Earp, and Anders Sandberg

  8. 5. Sex Robots and the Rights of the Disabled

    Ezio Di Nucci

  9. III. Challenging Robot Sex
  10. 6. Religious Perspectives on Sex with Robots

    Noreen Herzfeld

  11. 7. The Symbolic-Consequences Argument in the Sex Robot Debate

    John Danaher

  12. 8. Legal and Moral Implications of Child Sex Robots

    Litska Strikwerda

  13. IV. The Robot's Perspective
  14. 9. Is It Good for Them Too? Ethical Concern for the Sexbots

    Steve Petersen

  15. 10. Was It Good for You Too? The New Natural Law Theory and the Paradoxical Good of Sexbots

    Joshua D. Goldstein

  16. V. The Possibility of Robot Love
  17. 11. Automatic Sweethearts for Transhumanists

    Michael Hauskeller

  18. 12. From Sex Robots to Love Robots: Is Mutual Love with a Robot Possible?

    Sven Nyholm and Lily Eva Frank

  19. VI. The Future of Robot Sex
  20. 13. Intimacy, Bonding, and Sex Robots: Examining Empirical Results and Exploring Ethical Ramifications

    Matthias Scheutz and Thomas Arnold

  21. 14. Deus Sex Machina: Loving Robot Sex Workers and the Allure of an Insincere Kiss

    Julia Carpenter

  22. 15. Sexbot-Induced Social Change: An Economic Perspective

    Marina Adshade

  23. Contributors
  24. Index