Perspectives in Memory Research


Perspectives in Memory Research integrates current knowledge about memory from both the brain and cognitive sciences. The existing literature on memory is vast, attesting to the longstanding fascination with commitment to ongoing research at all levels and from widely varying points of view. This exciting collection presents new empirical data and theories concerning the formation, the retrieval, and the integration of memory processes and, to some extent, tries to identify how studying memory processes might help augment learning and training procedures.

The chapters on the neurobiologic approach include one on brain function at the molecular level, by Ira Black; one on structure function considerations in the study of memory in cortical networks, by Gary Lynch; one on basic circuits for cortical organization, by Gordon Shepherd; and one on connectionist models of learning and memory, by Terrence Sejnowski.

The psychological dimensions are probed by Marta Kutas, who reports on tracking memory capacity in the human brain; William Hirst, who discusses the improvement of memory; and Stephen Kosslyn, who considers imagery in learning.

Michael Gazzaniga and William Hirst conclude with an essay on present and future memory research and its applications

A Bradford Book.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. I. Neurobiological Considerations in Memory Function
  3. 1. Experience and the Biochemistry of Information Storage in the Nervous System

    Ira B. Black, Joshua E. Adler, Cheryl F. Dreyfus, Wilma F. Friedman, Edmund F. LaGamma and Arthur H. Roach

  4. 2. Structure-Function Relationships in the Organization of Memory

    Gary Lynch and Michael Baudry

  5. 3. A Basic Circuit of Cortical Organization

    Gordon M. Shepherd

  6. 4. Learning and Representation in Connectionist Models

    Terrence J. Sejnowski and Charles R. Rosenberg

  7. II. Psychological Dimensions of Memory Functions in Humans
  8. 5. Review of Event-Related Potential Studies of Memory

    Marta Kutas

  9. 6. Improving Memory

    William Hirst

  10. 7. Imagery in Learning

    Stephen M. Kosslyn

  11. III. Present and Future of Memory Research and Its Applications

    William Hirst and Michael S. Gazzaniga

  12. Index