Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Until recently, genetic, neuroanatomical, and psychological investigations on neurodevelopmental disorders were carried out independently. Now, tremendous advances across all disciplines have brought us toward a new scientific frontier: the integration of molecular genetics with a developmental cognitive neuroscience. The goal is to understand the basic mechanisms by which genes and environmental processes contribute to the development of specific structures and regions of the brain.

This handbook-style volume explores these advances from the perspective of developmental disorders in children. Research on children with known genetic disorders offers insights into the genetic mechanisms that underlie neural development and organization, as expressed in variations in cognitive profiles. The contributions provide in-depth analyses of a broad range of neurodevelopmental disorders, including those resulting from whole chromosome defects (Down and Turner syndromes), those related to defects in a single gene (fragile-X syndrome) or a small number of genes (Williams syndrome), and complex genetic disorders (dyslexia, autism). Contributors from the fields of teratology and brain injury provide additional perspectives.

Contributors: Jane Adams, Marcia A. Barnes, Simon Baron-Cohen, Elizabeth Bates, Margaret L. Bauman, Ursula Bellugi, Jacquelyn Bertrand, Lori Buchanan, Merlin G. Butler, Dawn Delaney, Maureen Dennis, Kim N. Dietrich, Elizabeth M. Dykens, Jack M. Fletcher, Susan E. Folstein, Barbara R. Foorman, Albert Galaburda, Randi J. Hagerman, John Harrison, C. Ross Hetherington, Greg Hickok, Terry Jernigan, Beth Joseph, William E. MacLean, Jr., Michele M.M. Mazzocco, William M. McMahon, Carolyn B. Mervis, Debra Mills, Colleen A. Morris, Lynn Nadel, Bruce F. Pennington, Allan L. Reiss, Mabel L. Rice, Byron F. Robinson, Judith L. Ross, Joanne Rovet, Susan L. Santangelo, Bennett A. Shaywitz, Sally E. Shaywitz, Marian Sigman, Helen Tager-Flusberg, Travis Thompson, J. Bruce Tomblin, Doris Trauner, Stefano Vicari, Xuyang Zhang, Andrew Zinn.

Table of Contents

  1. Series Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. An Introduction to Research on Neurodevelopmental Disorders from a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

    Helen Tager-Flusberg

  5. Clinical and Molecular Aspects of Fragile X Syndrome

    Randi Jenssen Hagerman

  6. A Behavioral Neurogenetics Approach to Understanding the Fragile X Syndrome

    Michele M. Mazzocco and Allan L. Reiss

  7. Williams Syndrome: Findings from an Integrated Program of Research

    Carolyn B. Mervis, Colleen A. Morris, Jacquelyn Bertrand and Byron F. Robinson

  8. Linking Cognition, Brain Structure, and Brain Function in Williams Syndrome

    Ursula Bellugi, Debra Mills, Terry Jernigan, Greg Hickok, and Albert Galaburda

  9. Prader-Willi Syndrome: Toward a Behavioral Phenotype

    Elisabeth M. Dykens

  10. 7. Cognition, Behavior, Neurochemistry, and Genetics in Prader-Willi Syndrome

    Travis Thompson, Merlin G. Butler, William E. MacLean, Jr., Beth Joseph and Dawn Delaney

  11. 8. Developmental Deficits in Children with Down Syndrome

    Marian Sigman

  12. 9. Down Syndrome in Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

    Lynn Nadel

  13. Turner Syndrome: A Cognitive Neuroscience Approach

    Joanne Rovet and Lori Buchanan

  14. 11. Turner Syndrome: Potential Hormonal and Genetic Influences on the Neurocognitive Profile

    Judith L. Ross and Andrew Zinn

  15. 12. Conceptual and Methodological Issues in Dyslexia Research: A Lesson for Developmental Disorders

    Jack M. Fletcher, Barbara R. Foorman, Sally E. Shaywitz, and Bennett A. Shaywitz

  16. 13. Dyslexia as a Neurodevelopmental Disorder

    Bruce F. Pennington

  17. 14. Specific Grammatical Limitations in Children with Specific Language Impairment

    Mabel L. Rice

  18. 15. Language Patterns and Etiology in Children with Specific Language Impairment

    J. Bruce Tomblin and Xuyang Zhang

  19. 16. Autism: Clinical Features and Neurobiological Observations

    Margaret L. Bauman

  20. 17. The Extreme Male-Brain Theory of Autism

    Simon Baron-Cohen

  21. 18. Autism: A Genetic Perspective

    Susal L. Santangelo and Susan E. Folstein

  22. 19. On Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Perspectives from Neurobehavioral Teratology

    Jane Adams

  23. 20. Environmental Toxicants and Child Development

    Kim N. Dietrich

  24. 21. Synesthesia: A Challenge for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

    Simon Baron-Cohen and John Harrison

  25. 22. Congenital Hydrocephalus as a Model of Neurodevelopmental Disorder

    Maureen Dennis, Marcia A. Barnes and C. Ross Hetherington

  26. 23. Neural Mediation of Language Development: Perspectives from Lesion Studies of Infants and Children

    Elizabeth Bates, Stefano Vicari and Doris Trauner

  27. 24. Advances in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Views from Child Psychiatry and Medical Genetics

    William M. McMahon

  28. Contributors
  29. Index