Modularity in Knowledge Representation and Natural-Language Understanding

Edited by Jay L. Garfield

The notion of modularity, introduced by Noam Chomsky and developed with special emphasis on perceptual and linguistic processes by Jerry Fodor in his important book The Modularity of Mind, has provided a significant stimulus to research in cognitive science. This book presents essays in which a diverse group of philosophers, linguists, psycholinguists, and neuroscientists—including both proponents and critics of the modularity hypothesis—address general questions and specific problems related to modularity.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Introduction

    Jay L. Garfield

  4. 1. Modules, Frames, Fridgeons, Sleeping Dogs, and the Music of the Spheres

    Jerry A. Fodor

  5. 2. Against Modularity

    William Marsden-wilson and Lorraine Komisarjevsky Tyler

  6. 3. Binding, Plausibility, and Modularity

    Kenneth Forster

  7. 4. Context Effects and Lexical Processing: A Connectionist Approach to Modularity

    Michael K. Tanenhaus, Gary S. Dell and Greg Carlson

  8. Introduction

    Steven Weisler

  9. 5. The Autonomy of Syntax and Semantics

    James Higginbotham

  10. 6. Levels of Meaning

    Norbert Hornstein

  11. 7. Quantification, Ellipsis, and Logical Form

    Steven Weisler

  12. 8. Categorial Grammar and Domain Specificity of Universal Grammar

    Michael Flynn

  13. 9. Combinatory Grammars and Human Sentence Processing

    Mark Steedman

  14. 10. The Components of Learnability Theory

    Jan Grimshaw

  15. Introduction

    Mark Feinstein

  16. 11. Modes and Modules: Multiple Paths to the Language Processor

    Patrick J. Carroll and Maria L. Slowiaczek

  17. 12. Modularity and Interaction in Sentence Processing

    Gerry Altmann

  18. 13. Modularity in the Syntactic Parser

    Amy Weinberg

  19. 14. Modularity in Sentence Comprehension

    Charles Clifton, Jr., and Fernanda Ferreira

  20. 15. Theories of Sentence Processing

    Lyn Frazier

  21. 16. Mandatory Processing in Speech Perception: A Case Study

    Joanne L. Miller

  22. Introduction

    Neil Stillings

  23. 17. Modularity and Interaction of Brain Regions underlying Visuomotor Coordination

    Michael A. Arbib

  24. 18. Marr's Theory of Vision

    Tyler Burge

  25. 19. Modularity and Naturalism in Theories of Vision

    Neil Stillins

  26. Bibliography
  27. List of Authors
  28. Index