Mind Readings

Introductory Selections on Cognitive Science
Edited by Paul Thagard

Mind Readings is a collection of accessible readings on some of the most important topics in cognitive science. Although anyone interested in the interdisciplinary study of mind will find the selections well worth reading, they work particularly well with Paul Thagard's textbook Mind: An Introduction Cognitive Science, and provide further discussion on the major topics discussed in that book. The first eight chapters present approaches to cognitive science from the perspective that thinking consists of computational procedures on mental representations. The remaining five chapters discuss challenges to the computational-representational understanding of mind.

Contributors: John R. Anderson, Ruth M.J. Byrne, E.H. Durfee, Chris Eliasmith, Owen Flanagan, Dedre Gentner, Janice Glasgow, Philip N. Johnson-Laird, Alan Mackworth, Arthur B. Markman, Douglas L. Medin, Keith Oatley, Dimitri Papadias, Steven Pinker, David E. Rumelhart, Herbert A. Simon.

Table of Contents

  1. Guide for the Reader
  2. Acknowledgments and Sources
  3. 1. What Is an "Explanation" of Behavior?

    Herbert A. Simon

  4. 2. The Cognitive Science of Deduction

    Philip N. Johnson-Laird and Ruth M. J. Byrne

  5. 3. Production Systems and the ACT-R Theory

    John R. Anderson

  6. 4. Rules of Language

    Steven Pinker

  7. 5. Concepts and Conceptual Structure

    Douglas L. Medin

  8. 6. Structure Mapping in Analogy and Similarity

    Dedre Gentner and Arthur B. Markman

  9. 7. Computational Imagery

    Janice Glasgow and Dimitri Papadias

  10. 8. The Architecture of Mind: A Connectionist Approach

    David E. Rumelhart

  11. 9. The Structure of Emotions

    Keith Oatley

  12. 10. A Unified Theory of Consciousness?

    Owen Flanagan

  13. 11. On Seeing Robots

    Alan Mackworth

  14. 12. What Your Computer Really Needs to Know, You Learned in Kindergarten

    E. H. Durfee

  15. 13. The Third Contender: A Critical Examination of the Synamicist Theory of Cognition

    Chris Eliasmith

  16. Notes on the Contributors
  17. Index