Mind in a Physical World

An Essay on the Mind-Body Problem and Mental Causation

This book, based on Jaegwon Kim's 1996 Townsend Lectures, presents the philosopher's current views on a variety of issues in the metaphysics of the mind—in particular, the mind-body problem, mental causation, and reductionism. Kim construes the mind-body problem as that of finding a place for the mind in a world that is fundamentally physical. Among other points, he redefines the roles of supervenience and emergence in the discussion of the mind-body problem. Arguing that various contemporary accounts of mental causation are inadequate, he offers his own partially reductionist solution on the basis of a novel model of reduction. Retaining the informal tone of the lecture format, the book is clear yet sophisticated.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. 1. The Mind-Body Problem: Where We Now Are
  3. 2. The Many Problems of Mental Causation
  4. 3. Mental Causation: The Backlash and Free Lunches
  5. 4. Reduction and Reductionism: A New Look
  6. Notes
  7. References
  8. Index