Language, Logic, and Concepts


This wide-ranging collection of essays is inspired by the memory of the cognitive psychologist John Macnamara, whose influential contributions to language and concept acquisition have provided the basis for numerous research programs. The areas covered by the essays include the foundations of language and thought, congnitive and linguistic development, and mathematical approaches to cognition.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributors

  2. Introduction

    Ray Jackendoff, Paul Bloom and Karen Wynn

  3. Publications of John Macnamara

  4. 1. Language and Nationalism

    Richard Kearney

  5. 2. Meaning and Misconceptions

    Anil Gupta

  6. 3. On Structuralism in Mathematics

    Michael Makkai

  7. 4. The Natural Logic of Rights and Obligations

    Ray Jackendoff

  8. 5. Deliberation Reasons and Explanation Reasons

    Storrs McCall

  9. 6. Truth and Its Negation: Macnamara's Analysis of the Place of Logic in a Cognitive Psychology

    David R. Olson

  10. 7. Names of Things and Stuff: An Aristotelian Perspective

    Sandeep Prasada

  11. 8. The Unity of Science and the Distinction among Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics

    Steven Davis

  12. 9. Scientific Theories That Unconceal Being: Intentions and Conceptions in Their Genesis

    Leslie Margaret Perrin McPherson

  13. 10. The Nature of Human Concepts: Evidence from an Unusual Source

    Steven Pinker and Alan Prince

  14. 11. Some Evidence for Impaired Grammars

    Myrna Gopnik

  15. 12. The Role of Semantics in Solving the Bootstrapping Problem

    Paul Bloom

  16. 13. Sortals and Kinds: An Appreciation of John Macnamara

    Susan Carey and Fei Xu

  17. 14. Semantics and the Acquisition of Proper Names

    D. Geoffrey Hall

  18. 15. The Learning of First and Second Person Pronouns in English

    Yuriko Oshima-Takane

  19. 16. Kinship and Mathematical Categories

    F. William Lawvere

  20. 17. Count Nouns, Mass Nouns, and Their Transformations: A Unified Category-Theoretic Semantics

    Marie La Palme Reyes, John Macnamara, Gonzalo E. Reyes and Houman Zolfaghari

  21. Index