Ken Hale

A Life in Language

The essays in this collection celebrate Ken Hale's lifelong study of underdocumented languages and their implications for universal grammar. The authors report their latest research in syntax, morphology, semantics, phonology, and phonetics.

Contributors: Elena Anagnostopoulou, Noam Chomsky, Michel DeGraff, Kai von Fintel, Morris Halle, James Harris, Sabine Iatridou, Roumyana Izvorski, Michael Kenstowicz, Samuel Jay Keyser, Shigeru Miyagawa, Wayne O'Neil, David Pesetsky, Hyang-Sook Sohn, Kenneth N. Stevens, Ester Torrego, Cheryl Zoll.

Table of Contents

  1. Contributors
  2. Preface
  3. Appreciation
  4. 1. Derivation by Phase

    Noam Chomsky

  5. 2. Morphology in Creole Genesis: Linguistics and Ideology

    Michel DeGraff

  6. 3. Counterfactuals in a Dynamic Context

    Kai von Fintel

  7. 4. Infixation versus Onset Metathesis in Tagalog, Chamorro, and Toba Batak

    Morris Halle

  8. 5. Spanish Negative -: Morphology, Phonology, Semantics

    James Harris

  9. 6. Observations about the Form and Meaning of the Perfect

    Sabine Iatridou, Elena Anagnostopoulou and Roumyana Izvorski

  10. 7. Accentual Adaptation in North Kyungsang Korean

    Michael Kenstowicz and Hyang-Sook Sohn

  11. 8. Enhancement Revisited

    Samuel Jay Keyser and Kenneth N. Stevens

  12. 9. The EPP, Scrambling, and -in-Situ

    Shigeru Miyagawa

  13. 10. Grammar Games: Unscrambling Skaldic Syntax

    Wayne O'Neil

  14. 11. T-to-C Movement: Causes and Consequences

    David Pesetsky and Esther Torrego

  15. 12. Segmental Phonology in Yawelmani

    Cheryl Zoll

  16. Publications of Ken Hale: 1958-2000

    Marilyn Goodrich

  17. Index
  18. Current Studies in Linguistics