The Extended Mind

Edited by Richard Menary
Introduction by Richard Menary

Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin? In their famous 1998 paper "The Extended Mind," philosophers Andy Clark and David J. Chalmers posed this question and answered it provocatively: cognitive processes "ain't all in the head." The environment has an active role in driving cognition; cognition is sometimes made up of neural, bodily, and environmental processes. Their argument excited a vigorous debate among philosophers, both supporters and detractors. This volume brings together for the first time the best responses to Clark and Chalmers's bold proposal. These responses, together with the original paper by Clark and Chalmers, offer a valuable overview of the latest research on the extended mind thesis.

The contributors first discuss (and answer) objections raised to Clark and Chalmers's thesis. Clark himself responds to critics in an essay that uses the movie Memento's amnesia-aiding notes and tattoos to illustrate the workings of the extended mind. Contributors then consider the different directions in which the extended mind project might be taken, including the need for an approach that focuses on cognitive activity and practice.

Table of Contents

    1. 1. Introduction: The Extended Mind in Focus

      Richard Menary

    2. 2. The Extended Mind

      Andy Clark and David J. Chalmers

    3. 3. Memento's Revenge: The Extended Mind, Extended

      Andy Clark

    4. 4. Defending the Bounds of Cognition

      Fred Adams and Ken Aizawa

    5. 5. Coupling, Constitution, and the Cognitive Kind: A Reply to Adams and Aizawa

      Andy Clark

    6. 6. The Varieties of Externalism

      Susan Hurley

    7. 7. The Alleged Coupling-Constitution Fallacy and the Mature Sciences

      Don Ross and James Ladyman

    8. 8. Meaning Making and the Mind of the Externalist

      Robert A. Wilson

    9. 9. Exograms and Interdisciplinarity: History, the Extended Mind, and the Civilizing Process

      John Sutton

    10. 10. Cognitive Integration and the Extended Mind

      Richard Menary

    11. 11. In Defense of Extended Functionalism

      Michael Wheeler

    12. 12. Consciousness, Broadly Construed

      Mark Rowlands

    13. 13. The Extended Infant: Utterance-Activity and Distributed Cognition

      David Spurrett and Stephen Cowley

    14. 14. Representation in Extended Cognitive Systems: Does the Scaffolding of Language Extend the Mind?

      Robert D. Rupert

    15. 15. The Extended Mind, the Concept of Belief, and Epistemic Credit

      John Preston

    16. Contributors
    17. Index