The Cognitive Neuroscience of Mind

A Tribute to Michael S. Gazzaniga

These essays on a range of topics in the cognitive neurosciences report on the progress in the field over the twenty years of its existence and reflect the many groundbreaking scientific contributions and enduring influence of Michael Gazzaniga, "the godfather of cognitive neuroscience"—founder of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, founding editor of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, and editor of the major reference work, The Cognitive Neurosciences, now in its fourth edition (MIT Press, 2009). The essays, grouped into four sections named after four of Gazzaniga's books, combine science and memoir in varying proportions, and offer an authoritative survey of research in cognitive neuroscience. "The Bisected Brain" examines hemispheric topics pioneered by Gazzaniga at the start of his career; "The Integrated Mind" explores the theme of integration by domination; the wide-ranging essays in "The Social Brain" address subjects from genes to neurons to social conversations and networks; the topics explored in "Mind Matters" include evolutionary biology, methodology, and ethics.

Contributors: Kathleen Baynes, Giovanni Berlucchi, Leo M. Chalupa, Mark D’Esposito, Margaret G. Funnell, Mitchell Glickstein, Scott A. Guerin, Todd F. Heatherton, Steven A. Hillyard, William Hirst, Alan Kingstone, Stephen M. Kosslyn, Marta Kutas, Elisabetta Làdavas, Joseph Ledoux, George R. Mangun, Michael B. Miller, Elizabeth A. Phelps, Steven Pinker, Michael I. Posner, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Mary K. Rothbart, Andrea Serino, Brad E. Sheese

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. The Bisected Brain

    Marta Kutas

  3. 1. Corpus Callosum: Mike Gazzaniga, the Cal Tech Lab, and Subsequent Research on the Corpus Callosum

    Mitchell Glickstein and Giovanni Berlucchi

  4. 2. Interhemispheric Cooperation Following Brain Bisection

    Steven A. Hillyard

  5. 3. Where Is the "Spatial" Hemisphere?

    Stephen M. Kosslyn

  6. 4. Recovery from Aphasia: Is the Right Hemisphere a Cure or a Crutch?

    Kathleen Baynes

  7. 5. The Interpreting Hemispheres

    Margaret G. Funnell

  8. The Integrated Mind

    Marta Kutas

  9. 6. From the Integrated Mind to the Emotional Brain

    Joseph LeDoux

  10. 7. Mike's Attentional Network

    Alan Kingstone

  11. 8. My Dinner with Mike

    Michael B. Miller and Scott A. Guerin

  12. The Social Brain

    Marta Kutas

  13. 9. Genetic Variation Influences How the Social Brain Shapes Temperament and Behavior

    Michael I. Posner, Mary K. Rothbart, and Brad E. Sheese

  14. 10. The Contribution of Malleability to Collective Memory

    William Hirst

  15. 11. How the Sense of Body Influences the Sense of Touch

    Elisabetta Ladavas and Andrea Serino

  16. 12. Building a Social Brain

    Todd F. Heatherton

  17. Mind Matters

    Marta Kutas

  18. 13. Different Ontogenetic Strategies for Different Species: Insights from Studies of the Developing Visual System

    Leo M. Chalupa

  19. 14. Why Methods Matter in the Study of the Biological Basis of the Mind: A Behavioral Neurologist's Perspective

    Mark D'Esposito

  20. 15. Ethics and the Ethical Brain

    Steven Pinker

  21. Contributors
  22. Index
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