Artificial Life

An Overview

Artificial life, a field that seeks to increase the role of synthesis in the study of biological phenomena, has great potential, both for unlocking the secrets of life and for raising a host of disturbing issues—scientific and technical as well as philosophical and ethical. This book brings together a series of overview articles that appeared in the first three issues of the groundbreaking journal Artificial Life, along with a new introduction by Christopher Langton, Editor-in-Chief of Artificial Life, founder of the discipline, and Director of the Artificial Life Program at the Santa Fe Institute.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Editor's Introduction
  3. 1. Artificial Life as a Tool for Biological Inquiry

    Charles Taylor and David Jefferson

  4. Cooperation and Community Structure in Artificial Ecosystems

    Kristian Lindgren and Mats G. Nordahl

  5. Extended Molecular Evolutionary Biology: Artificial Life Bridging the Gap Between Chemistry and Biology

    P. Schuster

  6. Visual Models of Morphogenesis

    Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz

  7. The Artificial Life Roots of Artificial Intelligence

    Luc Steels

  8. Toward Synthesizing Artificial Neural Networks that Exhibit Cooperative Intelligent Behavior: Some Open Issues in Artificial Life

    Michael G. Dyer

  9. Modeling Adaptive Autonomous Agents

    Pattie Maes

  10. Chaos as a Source of Complexity and Diversity in Evolution

    Kunihiko Kaneko

  11. An Evolutionary Approach to Synthetic Biology: Zen and the Art of Creating Life

    Thomas S. Ray

  12. Beyond Digital Naturalism

    Walter Fontana, Günter Wagner and Leo W. Buss

  13. Learning About Life

    Mitchel Resnick

  14. Book Reviews: Books on Artificial Life and Related Topics

    David G. Stork

  15. Computer Viruses as Artificial Life

    Eugene H. Spafford

  16. Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life

    Melanie Mitchell and Stephanie Forrest

  17. Artificial Life as Philosophy

    Daniel Dennett

  18. Levels of Functional Equivalence in Reverse Bioengineering

    Stevan Hamad

  19. Why Do We Need Artificial Life?

    Eric W. Bonabeau and Guy Theraulaz

  20. Index