ISBN: 9780262338059 | 1040 pp. | July 2017


Conjunction Reduction Redux
In this book, Barry Schein argues that “and” is always the sentential logical connective with the same, one, meaning. “And” always means “&,” across the varied constructions in which it is tokened in natural language. Schein examines the constructions that challenge his thesis, and shows that the objections disappear when these constructions are translated into Eventish, a neo-Davidsonian event semantics, and, enlarged with Cinerama Semantics, a vocabulary for spatial orientation and navigation. Besides rescuing “and” from ambiguity, Eventish and Cinerama Semantics solve general puzzles of grammar and meaning unrelated to conjunction, revealing the book’s central thesis in the process: aspects of meaning mistakenly attributed to “and” are discovered to reflect neighboring structures previously unseen and unacknowledged.
Schein argues that Eventish and Cinerama Semantics offer a fundamental revision to clause structure and what aspects of meaning are represented therein. Eventish is distinguished by four features: supermonadicity, which enlarges verbal decomposition so that every argument relates to its own event; descriptive event anaphora, which replaces simple event variables with silent descriptive pronouns; adverbialization, which interposes adverbials derived from the descriptive content of every DP; and AdrPs, which replace all NPs with Address Phrases that locate what nominals denote within scenes or frames of reference.
With 'And,' Schein rehabilitates an old rule of transformational, generative grammar, answering the challenges to it exhaustively and meticulously.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. 1. Introduction
  3. 2. DP and DP
  4. 3. Pred P and Pred P: Of Subjects and Ancient Grievance
  5. 4. Pred P and Pred P: Coordination vs. Subordination
  6. 5. Pred P and Pred P: (Tense+) Aux Sharing
  7. 6. Pred P and Pred P: Complementation as a Condition on Subatomic Event Anaphora
  8. 7. Pred P and Pred P: Conclusion
  9. 8. Introducing Adverbialization and Cinerama
  10. 9. Cinerama Semantics
  11. 10. Adverbialization in Logical Form
  12. 11. Naive Reference for the Cinéaste
  13. 12. Measuring Events
  14. 13. Antisemidistributivity vs. Conjunction Reduction Redux
  15. 14. [dp D AdrP and AdrP]
  16. 15. The Ordered Pair Illusion
  17. 16. QED
  18. Appendix 1 Descriptive Anaphora and Nonmaxial Reference under Selective Perspectives
  19. Appendix 2 Eventish
  20. Notes
  21. Bibliography
  22. Name Index
  23. Subject Index